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Yucateco is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mayan Culture group.


A close cousin of the Maya, the Yucateco differentiate themselves with their more mixed ancestry and practice of the Neomayan faith. The recent conquest of the Yucatan peninsula has led to a powerful Yucateco kingdom, however their domination of other cultures and religions has led to growing discontent among the nobility and the people.

Yucateco Characters in 2666[]

  • King Israel II Soberón Salazar of Yucatán, often called "the Proud"
    • Duke Salvador Marin of Quintana Roo
    • Count Enrique Alberto of Campeche
    • Count Santiago Cuellar Louisville of Dzilam
    • Count Jacawitz Sanabria of Cancún
    • Count Pascual Ramiro Seibal of Cárdenas
    • Count Luis Chocano Viniegra of Calakmul
    • Count Isidro Xunantunich of Celestún
  • Duke Blanco Hocchob of Lacandón
  • Captain Lamat of Oxyotl Skirmishers

Yucateco Titles[]


  • Yucateco Empire

Culture Sprawl[]