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Yooper is a culture in After the End. It's a part of the Ameronordic Culture group. It used part of the Amerodeutsch Culture group.


The Upper Peninsula had never truly urbanized, and the unique culture that emerged there only strengthened after The Event. The bitter cold brought by the Great Lakes has stifled true prosperity, with many small tribes all under the Norse faith dotted along the lakeside coast.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Yooper culture has the Housecarl cultural retinue. It has 200 Heavy Infantry, and combat bonuses of Heavy Infantry Morale +20% and Heavy Infantry Attack +40%. It costs 600 retinue cap usage, monthly maintenance of 0.15, and a creation cost of 84.

Yooper Characters in 2666[]

  • Jarl Arto Biegler of Soo;
  • Chief Remnar Soady of Marquette;
  • Seidsman Reuben Soady of Escanaba;
  • Chief Tommo Luatala of Iron Mountain;
  • Chief Aimo Paquette of Baraga-L'Anse;

Yooper Titles[]


  • Yooper Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Kingdom of Superior

Culture Sprawl[]