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Yiddish is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Amerodeutsch Culture group.


The Yiddish culture takes its name from the Yiddish language used by the Askhenazi Jews before the Event. As this suggests, it's the dominant Jewish culture, with most Jewish people belonging to it.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Yiddish culture has the Maccabee cultural retinue. It has 200 Heavy Infantry, and combat bonuses of Heavy Infantry Morale +10% and Heavy Infantry Defense +20%. It costs 600 retinue cap usage, monthly maintenance of 0.15, and a creation cost of 84.

Yiddish Characters in 2666[]

  • Count Lazar Rotschild of Brooklyn;
  • Count Meshulim fun Tash of Kyrias Tosh;
  • Count David Twerski of Newburgh;
  • Earl Leonard Horowitz of Palm Beach;
  • Count Levi Gutfreund of Lakewood, also known as "The Liberator";

Yiddish Titles[]


  • Yidishreich

Culture Sprawl[]

Northern Yiddish exclaves

Palm Beach Exclave