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Yankee is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the North Atlantic Culture group.


The people of sinister New England. They are Occultist, adopting en masse the names found within their faiths' scriptures. The Yankees are tribal with the exception of Boston, which is a relatively prosperous city on a hill, and a majority of Evangelicals in Connecticut, subject to an Anabaptist Gothamite ruling class. They used to dominate the North-East, under the Kingdom of New England, but after the fall of the Mahonic Dynasty, they splintered in the current tribal chiefs.

Yankee Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Onesiphorus Miskaton of Nogad;
  • High Chief Abraham Pabodie of Snowbirds;
    • Chief Saltborn Pabodie of Ackia;
  • High Chief Hector M'Rai of Newopies;
    • Chief Jehoram M'Rai of Mattawamkeag;
    • Chief Jeroboam M'Rai of Moosehead;
  • Theurge Increase of Green Mountain;
    • Chief Paschall Acushnet of Burlington;
  • High Chief Randolph King of Penobscot;
  • High Chief Wentworth Akeley of The Migonids;
    • Chief William Pynchon of Pioneer Valley;
  • Warchief Heneage of the Boston Celts;
  • Chief Bruce Flask of Belknap Lakes;
  • Chief Sampson Fenimore of Kennebec;
  • Chief Cotton Boomer of Plymouth;
  • Chief Enoch Corrigan of Concord;
  • Chieftess Francisca Horrigan of Coos;
  • Chief Fulker Pequod of Southern Maine;
  • Chief Malcolm Horrigan of White Mountain;

Yankee Titles[]


  • Yankee Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Massachusetts
  • Nogad
  • The Migonids
  • Newopies
  • Snowbirds
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island

Culture Sprawl[]