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Xhúuyee K'iigaang is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Xhúyee K'iigaang is part of the American Native religious group.


"Followers of Xhúuyee K'iigaang revere supernatural beings described in their sacred tales, Raven (Xhúuyee) foremost among them. In some tales Raven is playful and benevolent, while in others he is greedy, treacherous, and wanton. He is sometimes loved and sometimes feared. Raven indirectly made the world by stealing and transforming that which came before, and preserved the Haida though the Dark Times with cleverness and trickery. Other Xhúuyee K'iigaang gods include Ta'xet and Tia, who rule respectively over violent and peaceful death." ― In-game description of Xhúyee K'iigaang


  • High God: Xhúuyee
  • God Names: Ta'xet, Tia, Gyhldeptis and Lagua
  • Evil God Names: The Dark Spirits
  • Scripture: The Tales


Until recently, Xhúyee K'iigaang was restricted to Haida Gwaii, home to the Haida people. However, with the recent Haida conquests into Cascadia, the religion has spread along the coast of Grand Columbia all the way to the Columbia river, where the Gaians stand against the invaders.

Holy Sites[]

  • Kiss Gwaii
  • 'Langáay
  • Lane
  • Pierce
  • Yakama

As of 2666, only Kiss Gwaii and 'Langáay are controlled by Xhúuyee K'iigaang rulers.

Great Holy War Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Vancouver - 1000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Cascadia - 1000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Caledonia - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Duchy of Colville - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Idaho - 100 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Jefferson - 100 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Gran Francisco - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of the Valley - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Socal - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Baja - 10 Crusade Weight

In-game features[]

  • Rulers cannot demand conversion
  • Priests (Temple Holders) can inherit titles
  • Priests can marry
  • Fairly weak rulers can Prepare Invasions
  • Fleets can navigate major water rivers
  • Rulers can raid infidel neighbors for loot
  • Vassals do not mind if their levies are raised
  • Rulers lose Prestige if at peace for too long
  • Can be Reformed
  • There is (And can exist) no religious head
  • May go on vision quests with the aid of sacramental herbs.

As of 2666 Xhúyee K'iigaang has a 20.0 moral authority. A temple holder of the Xhúyee K'iigaang faith is called a shaman.

Xhúyee K'iigaang Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • King Tsaa Hamjuuwee Tlgunghung of Haida Tlagaang;
    • Duchess Kagan Yaogus of Gujuugalaay;
    • Duke Gidansda Tlgunghung of Jaaguusd;
      • Count Hluuwee Tlgunghung of 'Laanaa;
      • Count Kithlaigaa Yagun of Tl'aaj;
    • Countess Sgaana Dadens of Tlat'uu;
  • King Tsahtsaa Chaahl of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay;
    • High Chief Wayne Strathcona of Januug Xaat'aay;
    • High Chieftess Carrie Kaskey of Itil'gaay;
    • High Chief Pugwis Spatsatlt of Git'awyaas;
      • Chief Yeptah Keltakkaua of Taw'laa;
      • Chief Comcomly Tumkoaakyas of Ts'angaay;
      • Chief Nsskioos Tlakaumoot of K'aayhlt'aa Sk'awlíi;
  • Duke Sgaana Kadadjans of Kuunjaaw;
    • Count Sadziskeh Queptlmamish of Sdaaguhl;
    • Count Sullivan Whittaker of Kun;
  • Duke Hiellan Atana of Gyuu;
    • Count Alan Hendricks of Taanaadaan;
    • Count George Newell of Tawk'aanaay;
    • Count Wallace Campbell of K'uhlgwaay;
  • Duke Giteewans Dadjingits of Tajáaw;
  • Duke Hluuwee Chuga of Uunaay;
    • Count Tahaygen Chukeu of Kiid Hlgwaay;
  • Duke Skidegate Hlagi of Gii Tl'agaang;
    • Count Ashby Talney of Xa K'ayaa;
    • Count Ghaltsaakw Hlagi of Xanj'Laas;

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Haida Coasters, currently led by Captain Kiusta
  • Lekwiltok Kiidaaw, currently led by Chief Hiitl'daa
  • Pike Place Pikemen, currently led by Captain Alexander
  • Tri-River Outlaws, currently led by Captain Kumail