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Woolleyite is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Woolleyite is part of the Latter-Day Saints religious group, and is considered a Mormon heresy.


"The Woolleyites split from mainstream Mormonism in the early 20th century after polygamy was officially banned from the Church. Led by Lorin Woolley, the "Woolleyites", as they are known after the Event, stubbornly continue to practice polygamy to this day. Mainstream Mormonism considers plural marriages to be heretical, and will excommunicate anyone who is found to be part of one." ― In-Game description of Woolleyite


Woolleyite split from the Latter-Day Saints church before the Event, due to their disagreement on the validity of polygamous marriages. The split survived through the event and even to this day. However, in 2666 there is no religious head, nor any ruler that follows the Woolleyite faith, suggesting that they have for the most part gone into a decline.

Historical Woolleyites[]

  • Emil, who was leader of the Republic of Cook from 2537 until 2555 when he was assassinated upon the orders of his fourth wife.

Woolleyite Characters in 2666[]

There is no notable Woolleyite character in 2666.

Holy Sites[]

  • Flagstaff
  • La Moine
  • Salt Lake
  • Moks
  • Provo

In-Game Features[]

There is no religious head of the Wolleyite faith, but The President can be nominated by a powerful character's decision. Priests can inherit and are allowed to marry.

Woolleyite men are allowed to take up to 4 wives, unless they are allowed to have concubines.

As of 2666, Woolleyite has 20.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Woolleyite faith is called a Bishop.


  • Woolleyite is based on various churches such as the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints founded by various member of the Latter-Day Saints that refused to renounce their plural marriages. Specifically the name refers to Lorin C. Wooley however the name is spelled as Lorin Woolley in game. This coupled with the description would suggest that the world of After the End diverged in history from our world long before the Event took place.