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West Indian is a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Caribbanglo Culture group.


Descendants of the of Afro-Anglo settlers of the Caribbean, these folk control the Caribbean Empire from their homes in Jamaica and the Bahamas. While the Rastafarian faith had originated from these people it was only followed by a minority before the End. However after the collapse, many saw that it was a sign that "Babylon" had fallen and when the dust settled the faith was followed by a majority of the survivors. It is also the culture of many pirates, including the Warchief of the Keepers of the Code and Jack the Savvy, the adventurer that conquered Tortuga.

West Indian Characters in 2666[]

  • Empress Portia Bustamante of the Caribbean Empire;
    • Marquis Barrington Bustamante, also known as "Stepping Razor";
    • Earl Curtly Glasspole of Cayman;
  • Warchief Bartholomew of Keepers of the Code;
  • Don Lincoln of Spanglers Posse;
  • Don Oliver of Shower Posse;
  • Captain Patrick of Dread Pirates;
  • Captain Jack Sparrow of Tortuga, also known as "The Savvy";

West Indian Titles[]

Traditional Titles[]

  • The West Indies
  • Antilles
  • Jamaica
  • Bahama
  • Windward Isles
  • Leeward Isles

Culture Sprawl[]