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Vicent Chuí is the Count of Uaça in 2666.


There is no set personality for Vicent. His traits are randomly generated each time.


Born in 2649, Vicent became count of Uaça in 2649. There are no records of who his father was and how he died. All we can tell is that his parents were of Cayennaise culture and likely Candomblé practicioners like Vicent is. He is unmarried and currently the only living member of house Chuí. He became ruler of the County of Uaça in 2660.



The Sigil of House Chuí is a very convoluted sigil of gold on a blue background. The meaning of the symbol is unclear.


  • He is the only vassalized Candomblé ruler;
  • Vicent Chuì, or at least his house, is marked as an inside joke in the culture files. However the joke is unknown.