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Valleyan is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Californian Culture group.


The simple, hardworking people of California's central valley. Despite being poorer than their coastal cousins, they take great pride in being the home and people of the illustrious Imperial house of Yudkow and the golden city of Sacramento.

Valleyan Language[]

The Valleyan language ultimately derives from the language of Old America though over five hundred years of slower communication over great distances has caused it to morph considerably to a level that would make it unrecognizable to the speakers of that archaic tongue. Some fragments of old texts indicate a proto-Valleyan language believed to be close to that used by the Old Americans though it's hard to understand even for today's Valleyan speakers. Words of this proto-Valleyan language include; Fetch, Fetching, Lyke, Ohmgee, and Totes. Words that do have modern equivalencies in today's Valleyan tongue.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Valleyan culture has the Wheeler cultural retinue. It has 150 Heavy infantry and 150 Pikemen with combat bonuses of +10% Infantry Morale, +40% Heavy Infantry Attack, +10% Pikemen Morale, and +40% Pikemen Defense. It costs 825 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.21, and 116 creation cost.

Valleyan Characters in 2666[]

  • Celestial Emperor Elton Yudkow;
  • King Pollock Armour of The Valley;
    • Prefect Nolan Muir of Central Valley;
    • Prefect Morris Winkler of North Valley;
      • Count Gary Winkler of Butte;
      • Count Victor Winkler of Glenn;
      • Count Samuel Winkler of Colusa;
      • Count Howard Winkler of Yolo;
  • Supreme Knight Oleander of Steel Brotherhood;
  • Master Johan Shortell of Tollhouse;
  • Prefect Jedeiah Honeyman the Hunter of Shasta Cascade

Valleyan Titles[]


  • Valleyan Empire

Culture Sprawl[]