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Véronique Castel (March 7, 2568 — December 5, 2629) was the first queen of Québec (2568 — 2627). As a member of the Castels  traditional rulers of Central Québec, she was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in North America of her time. She led armies several times in her life, most notably against the occultists pagans to the south and the Rust Cultist in Detroit to the west.  


Véronique Castel united the realms of French Canada and ruled from her capital in Québec City. Crowned in the Citadel by the Abess-General Alexandra I in 2568 she kept the Ursuline church in check. Breaking with the centuries old tradition of Quebec City as the spiritual heart of the Quebecois land, she took residence in the walls of the Citadel exiling the See in the Séminaire de Québec.

Known for the cruelty of her rule, she was blessed by a towering intelligence reinforced by a deep military genius. Following her many campaigns, the Castel realm grew far beyond the de jure border of old Québec. At the height of her power it extended into New England and to the Great lakes. A clever diplomat, she married her many daughters to neighboring kingdoms, most notably to King Lyon Laurier of Ontario. She also secured her southern border by betrothing the young Baltus Baltuszoone Groot, her of the King Baltus II of Hudsonia to Geneviève Castel and Isadora Castel to the Keenich of Deitscherei Abram VII.