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Ursuline is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Ursuline is part of the Christian religious group.


"The Ursulines originated as an antediluvian religious order, patronized by Saint Ursula. Introduced to the Americas during the colonial era, their presence could be found wherever the French colonized. During and shortly after the great cataclysm, Quebecois Roman Catholics, unable to contact old Rome, turned to the Ursuline order for leadership. Since then the Ursulines have served as Quebec's continuation of antediluvian Catholicism, and their followers have steadfastly refused to recognize the American Pope in New Rome." ― In-Game description of Ursuline


The Ursuline church is a Christian religion that formed from the antediluvian matriarchal Roman Catholic Ursuline Order in Quebec. The Ursulines maintain antediluvian Catholicism in Canada, while refusing to acknowledge the authority of the Pope in New Rome.

The Ursulines have served Quebec's keeping the old faith alive while also shifting into a Catholicism controlled by a female sisterhood. the Ursulines have their own Ursuline See in Quebec led by the Abbess-General in a similar fashion to the Pope. As of 2666, the most famous Ursuline Abbess-General has been Agrippine 'the Maid'. Under her reign the Great Schism between Ursulines and mainstream Catholics would be temporarily mended. The death of the Quebecois Abbess-General Agrippine "the Maid" (the first and only woman to hold the title of Pope) put the final nail in the coffin for a united American Catholicism. The Quebecois refused to acknowledge any further American Popes.

Much of Canada that practiced Catholicism before the Event now practices Ursulinism, including most of Québec and northern Ontario (Now commonly referred to as Aurora). This extreme regionalism has led to an odd circumstance where Culture all but determines ones faith, with almost all Quebecois and Ontarois being Ursuline. They are also found parts of northern Vermont and in the Acadien county of Usitukun in southern Nova Scotia.

Ursuline Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Duke Kewinoquot Davieux of Algoma
    • Countess Angèle Montferrand of Nagagamisis
  • Duke Sunny Kitpoo of Sept-Rivières
    • Count Everett Mishta-masseku of Sept-îles
  • Duchess Anne des Pins of Shield
  • Duke Arthur d'Arvide of Saguenay
    • Countess Céline Fortier of Charlevoix
    • Count Pierre d'Ushabatshuan of Saint-Maurice
  • Duke Kirk Montrose of Home
  • Duchess Louise Cornud of Outaouais
    • Count Xavier de Saint-Rose of Bas-Labelle
    • Countess Hausis de Kitigàn of Haute-Gatineau
  • Duke Régis Turcot of Montréal
    • Count Cécil Mathieu-Gallant-Giguere of Montérégie
    • Count Maurice Valeur of Lanaudière
  • Mother Superior Jeannine of Estrie
    • Count Régis Castel of Chaudière
  • Count Paul Castel of St. John Valley
  • Count Henri Castel of Caribou
  • Count Adrien Blanchet of Chic-Chocs
  • Count Jérome Blanchet of Rimouski
  • Countess Sarah Blanchet of Gaspé
  • Count Montcalm Dugas of Matawinie
  • Count Rémy Marathe of Mauricie
  • Count Jean Gault of Rivière-du-Loup
  • Count Kji-Keptin Isimit of Bonaventure

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Duke Abraham Glanner of Champlain
  • Earl Philemon Cousineau of Hull

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Hell's Angels, currently led by Charter-President Ambrose

Holy Orders[]

  • St. Ursula's Chosen, currently led by Sister-Militant Sibylle

Holy Sites[]


These are the five Ursuline holy sites in North America;

  • Cap Diamant
  • Hochelaga
  • Baawitigong
  • Detroit
  • New Orleans

As of 2666, three of the holy sites (Cap Diamant, Hochelaga, and Baawitigong) are held by members of the Ursuline church. The holy site of Detroit has been seized by the factory-worshiping Rust Cultists, while the city of New Orleans is ruled by the Voodoo burghers of the Orleans Republic.

Crusade Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Quebec - 5000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Aurora - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Michigan - 200 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Hudsonia - 100 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of New England - 100 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of the Maritimes - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Allegheny - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Louisiana - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Chicagoland - 20 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Ontario - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Ohio - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Superior - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Gotham - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Columbia- 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Deitscherei - 5 Crusade Weight

Religious Head[]

  • Abbess-General in Québec Anne

In-Game Features[]

Ursuline crusades.png

As the head of the Ursuline Faith, the Abbess-General in Québec may Excommunicate Ursuline characters, grant divorces, grant Invasion Casus Belli, grant claims on titles, and call for a Crusade. Prioresses may choose whether to pay taxes to their liege or to the Abbess-General, and a ruler may set up a loyal prioress as an Anti-Abbess. Whether or not she is landed, there is always an Abbess-General. Rulers may order unlanded courtiers to take the vows. Women may own temple holdings, receive no ruler/heir opinion penalties, and only female temple holders are allowed to be cardinals.

As of 2666, Ursuline has 60.4 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Ursuline faith is called a prioress.


  • The Order of Saint Ursula is a real institution within the Roman Catholic Church, and was largely proliferated throughout America by the French.