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Uahomche is one of the religions practised in After the End. Uahomche is part of the Mesoamerican religious group.


"Uahomche blends aspects of both Christianity and the traditional Mayan faith, and adherents believe that the Event was the end of the 5th world cycle, which was caused by both a lack of sacrifices and the conversion of Mayan believers to monotheism. Gods in the Uahomche pantheon are referred to as 'angels', however these 'angels' are largely unchanged from what they was before Spanish colonization." ― In-Game description of Uahomche


While putting on airs of Christianity, Uahomche is largely unchanged from traditional Mayan beliefs, and their gods' depiction as "angels" is largely an aftereffect of Spanish colonization. As such, the religion is practised throughout the Mayan lands of the Yucatan, and only slightly interrupted by the younger Neomayan faith.

Uahomche Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Duke Gilbratar Carbajal of Guatemala
  • Marquis Gordito Marquise of Atlántida
    • Earl Vincento Nottwood of Colón
  • Ajaw Damil Mendivil of Chiapas
  • Ajaw Popol Hol Nakbe of Zapata
  • Ajaw Camazotz Xlapak of Verapazes, often called "the Ill-Ruler"

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Duke Tabscoob Bolonchen of Petén
  • Duke Salvador Marin of Quintana Roo
  • Count Maximon Lubaantun of Chetumal

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Plumed Archers, currently led by Captain Chac-Xib-Chac
  • Warriors of Itza, currently led by Captain Qaholom

Holy Sites[]

  • San Salvador
  • Sian-Ka'an
  • Chichén Itzá
  • Coyatoc
  • Nojpetén

As of 2666, only one of the holy sites (Coyatoc) is completely under the control of the Uahomche faithful. Two other holy sites (Sian-Ka'an and Nojpetén) are held by lords of the Uahomche faith but are vassals to the king of Yucatan. Meanwhile, the last two holy sites (San Salvador and Chichén Itzá) are not held by a member of the Uahomche at all.

In-Game Features[]

The Uahomche faith has two general features in-game, which it shares with the Neomayan faith:

  1. There is (and can exist) no religious head
  2. As of 2666, Uahomche has 40.0 moral authority.
  3. A temple holder of the Uahomche faith is called a Priest.


Uahomche is currently one of the least developed religions in the mod, with the only mechanics belonging to it being fleet river movement (which belongs to all religions) and no religious head.