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Tuskegean is a culture of people in After the End. Tuskegean is part of the Afro-Anglo culture group.


The Tuskegeans are descended from the more heavily African-American communities in the South-East. Taking their name from the city of Tuskegee, Alabama, they have few powerful realms among them, with the few that exist mostly being under the thumb of the Holy Columbian Confederacy. While it is legally possible for one of these dukes to become Emperor, the more powerful Southron and Dixie cultures throughout the Confederacy would cause much tension between the people and their ruler.

Tuskegean Characters in 2666[]

  • Council President in Atlanta Sheridan Ellingborn
  • Duke Kayton Backus of Savannah
  • Guke Julius Gee of Peachtree
  • Duke Deandre Haralson of Yazoo
    • Countess Teayonna Haralson of Arkabutla
    • Canon Marlo of Yalobusha
  • Duke Huey Latimer of Tuskegee
    • Count Omar Hillyer of Birmingham
  • Metropolitan Coleman of Choctaw
    • Count Claudius Jackson of Jackson
    • Count Lamar Jackson of Meridian
  • Count Samuel Bevel of Oconee
  • Count Cincinnatus Driver of Covington
  • Count Stephanus Idlewild of Deepstep
  • Count Robert Rowan of Fayetteville
  • Chieftess Violet Turner of Little Mo

Tuskegean Titles[]


  • Duchy of Tuskegee
  • Kingdom of Tuskegee
  • Tuskegean Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • County of Tuskegee


On the relation of the Afro-Anglo and the Holy Columbian Confederancy [1][]

While the exact nature of the relation between the ancient Southanglo and the Afro-Anglo population is lost to history, most erudite believe there was once great strain between the two cultures. It is believed that once the Afro-Anglo population was enslaved (a form of servitude today not considered legal in the HCC) and divided, something that the Holy Columbian Confederacy would only suffer from. Still, it appears that some of this old strain of relation exists in the form of a lack of intermarriage between the Tuskegean lords and the other lords of Southron or Dixie heritage within the Confederacy.

Cultural Sprawl[]