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Tres Potencias is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. It is a mix of various traditions and minor religions of South America, most prominently the cult of María Lonza, the veneration of the Black Christ of Felipe, and the deification of the historical figure of Guaicaipuro. Tres Potencias is part of the Afro-Syncretic religious group.


"Tres Potencias, or "Three Powers", is a syncretic religion native to Venezuela. Followers of Tres Potencias blieve that good and evil spirits inhabit our world, with the powers to affect health, luck, and other aspects of human life. There is a Supreme God, but under him are the "Three Powers" for which the religion is named. They are mortals who have ascended to the level of deities: María Lonza, Negro Felipe, and Guaicaipuro. Beneath the Three Powers are the spirits, powerful mortals who continue to influence the world long after their deaths. These spirits are organized into 21 "courts", and believers can petition those courts for aid through prayer." ― Tres Potencias description from the game


  • High God: The Supreme
  • God Names: The Three Powers, The Saints, The Spirits, María Lionza, Bolívar, Guaicaipuro and José Gregorio
  • Evil God Names: The Evil Spirits, The Doubter and El Silbón
  • Scripture: The Legends


Tres Potencias is the only Afro-Syncretic cult to have originated after the event, absorbing beliefs of various religions, such as Christianity, South American beliefs, and African beliefs.

The faith is mostly endemic of north and northeastern South America, particularly of real-life Venezuela.

Holy Sites[]

  • Trinidad
  • Ciudad Bolívar
  • Caracas
  • Yaracui
  • San Juan

As of 2666, only Ciudad Bolívar and Caracas are held by members of the Tres Potencias faith, while Yaracuy is held by a Patria Grande ruler, vassal of the Tres Potencias Sultana of Venezuela.

Great Holy War Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Venezuela - 5000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Bolivar - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Los Llanos - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Antilles - 200 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Hispaniola - 100 Crusade Weight

In-game features[]

  • Rulers cannot demand conversion
  • Priests (Temple Holders) can inherit titles
  • Priests can marry
  • Religion allows women to hold Temple Holdings
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers
  • There is (And can exist) no religious head
  • Tres Potencias rulers may sacrifice animals to María Lionza

Tres Potencias rulers may make a pilgrimage to the holy mountain of Sorte, develop sympathy for another religion via a decision in the intrigue menu, or consult a court. A holy order will form with the fall of Caracas to any other religion. As of 2666, Tres Potencias has a 45.0 moral authority. A temple holder of the Tres Potencias faith is called a Banco if male, and a priestess if female.

Tres Potencias Characters in 2666[]

Independent & their Vassals[]

  • Sultana Ariel Leones of Venezuela;
    • Count Vidal Balderas of Barquisimeto;
    • Count Jeronimo Esparza of Tocuyo;
    • Count Elvis Jonaitis of Anaco;
    • Countess Ninibeth Torres of Miranda;
  • Queen Simóneta Bolvaríana of Bolívar;
    • Count Edorta Regueiro of Piar;
    • Countess Yaxeni Verreos of Autana;
    • Countess Lara Alfaro of Maripa;
  • Duke Espartaco Belmonte of Sucre;
  • Duke Liborio Cruz of Monagas;
  • High Chief Orlondo Gutiérrez of Gran Meta;
    • Chief Milagro Izsak of Capanaparo;
  • High Chief Santiago Sayalero of Portuguesa, also known as The Unready;
    • Chief Raul Oviedo of Cojedes;
    • Chief Montes Ureno of Las Mercedes;
  • High Chief Aquila Magaz of Orinoquía;
    • Chief Niguel Barón of Arismendi;
    • Chief Ezequiel Cabuto of Arauca;

Vassals of a Noble of Different Ffaith[]

  • Countess Senalda Delgado of Cúcuta;

Mercenary Bands[]

  • The Gaiteros;
  • The Rojos del Ávila;
  • The Águilas


  • Tres Potencias is based on various traditions and minor religions of South America, most prominently the cult of María Lonza, the veneration of the Black Christ of Felipe, and the deification of the historical figure of Guaicaipuro.
  • In the original mod, the regions presently held by Tres Potencias were home of the Espiritista faith, removed from the game;
  • Tres Potencias was the only Afro-Syncretic faith or non-Pagan faith in general, that could be reformed, representing its status as the only faith of the group that originated post-Event; this has since been removed.