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Traditionalism is a branch of Islam that merges Sunni and Shi'ite traditions in an effort to preserve the muslim faith. It is currently found most prominently in the Guianas under Shareef Geert-Jan Zonnebald and Hakim Osman Battal in Central America, whilst also appearing in the County of Milwaukee under the Catholic Countess Gertrude Stoklasa. The Duchy of the Chiapas can become Traditionalist by event.

The Mufti is a King-tier title, and cannot be vassalized.


"The Traditionalist commmunity are descendants of pre-Event lay Shi'a and Sunni Muslims. Witht he trauma of the Event putting the already persecuted religion in grave danger, many reached across sectarian lines, seeking to set aside minor differences in the name of preserving the faith." ― in-game description of Traditionist


With the trauma of the Event putting the already perscuted religion in dire straits, many of the Muslim faithful reached across sectarian lines in order to preserve their Faith united.

Traditionalist Characters in 2666[]

Independent & their vassels[]

  • Shareef Geert-Jan of Guyana
    • Za'eem Lyrical of Cayenne
    • Sayyida Aderi of Mazaruni
  • Hakim Osman of Comayagua

Vassalized by a different faith[]

  • Hakim Jajme of Palisades
  • Hakim Abdool of Pomeroon

Holy Orders[]

  • Guardians of Tradition, currently led by Grandmaster Kenneth

Holy Sites[]

The Traditionalist faith has five holy sites:

  • Paramaribo
  • Pomeroon
  • Chicago
  • Motown (Detroit)
  • Manhattan

At game start only one site (Paramaribo) is held by a traditionalist ruler. The other four are held by Dharmicists (Pomeroon), Catholics (Chicago), Rust Cultists (Motown), and Americanists (Manhattan). However, whilst King Stokely the Conqueror holds Pomeroon, the province itself is directly controlled by Hakim Abdool Khan - a traditionalist.

In-Game Features[]

The Traditionalist faith boasts an autocephalous religious hierarchy as well as sect mechanics, with three available sects to chose from. Mechanics include:

  • Autocephalous patriarchs under Kings
  • The Mufti can Excommunicate Traditionalist characters
  • The Mufti can grant divorces
  • The Mufti can grant Invasion Casus Belli
  • The Mufti can grant Claims on titles
  • Priests can marry
  • Traditionalist counties and characters are hard to convert
  • Traditionalist men can have up to 4 wives (unless they are allowed concubines)
  • Populations of other religions pay infidel tax
  • There is also a Mufti, landed or not
  • Traditionalists can follow one of three schools: As-Sunnah (pro-Tradition), Imamiyyah (pro-Reform), Unitarianism (cross-sect unity)

Religious Head[]

  • Mufti Eusebe of the House of Tradition


There is one heresy in the mod, Revivalist