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"Time, the devourer of all things."

19th Century[]

  • 1880 - Emperor Norton I of California.

20th Century[]

  • 1926 - Huey Long becomes King of Louisiana.

21st Century[]

  • 2021 - Aliaz-Zahir Abbas is born.
  • 2055 - According to legend the Imamate of Social is established during the chaos of the Event by (legendary bloodline info here)
  • 2070 - Hussayn Abbas is born.
  • 2071 - Samuel Grohl is born.
  • 2099 - Kenneth Irving is born.
  • 2100 - Legatus becomes Pope.

22nd Century[]

During the 22nd Century the Atomicist heresy of the Atomic Priesthood had yet to arise with the Aphites being the mainstream religion of that branch of Old World Cultists. Evangelicalism, with the church having formed from the banding together of Evangelical churches during the Event, was the primary religion of the Evangelical branch of Christianity. Cetic Philosophy had yet to arise and California was comprised religiously of Aphites (around Los Angeles), Evangelicals (around the Valley), and Sedevacanists (in Gran Francisco). On the east coast Druidic religion was more apparent in what is now the Kingdom of The Maritimes. The Kingdom of Jefferson is established by the Evangelical King Joshua Garcia the Grizzly who died in battle and was succeeded by the Sedevacanist King James I of Gran Francisco who died under suspicious circumstances.

  • 2114 - Adam ? becomes Pope Adam I.
  • 2120 - Imam Aliaz-Zahir Abbes dies at 99 years of age. Salin Abbas is born.
  • 2140 - Imam Hussayn Abbas dies. Claude Garcia (Angelino House) is born. Joshua Garcia (Valleyan House) is born.
  • 2150 - Charlie Chester, heir to the County of San Jose is born and becomes Count the same year. A regency is installed.
  • 2155 - Samuel Grohl becomes Pope.
  • 2160 - Claude Garcia becomes High Priest of the Atomic Priesthood.
  • 2166 - The Regency over San Jose ends with Charlie Chester taking on the full powers of Count.
  • 2167 - Pope Samuel Grohl dies at 96 years of age. Redeemed becomes Pope.
  • 2170 - Jacob Garcia (Valleyan House) is born.
  • 2174 - Hallelujah becomes Pope.
  • 2180 - High Priest Claude Garcia the Sword of the Shield of the Atomic Priesthood dies a natural death at 40 years of age. Sulliman Irving, heir to the Kingdom of the Maritimes is born.
  • 2190 - King Joshua Garcia the Grizzly of Jefferson dies in battle at the age of 50. His son Jacob Garcia becomes King of The Valley.
  • 2199 - King Kenneth Irving of The Maritimes dies a natural death at 100 years of age. Sulliman Irving, son of Kenneth Irving, becomes King of the Maritimes.
  • 2200 - Count Charlie Chester the Rat of San Jose dies at 50 years of age. Imam Salin Abbas dies at 80 years of age.

23rd Century[]

  • 2222 - Redeemed II becomes Pope.
  • 2230 - King Jacob of the Valley dies a natural death at 60 years of age.
  • 2240 - Lorenz Yoder is born.
  • 2280 - King Sulliman of The Maritimes dies a natural death at 100 years of age.
  • 2282 - Lorenz Yoder becomes Keenich of Deitcherei.

24th Century[]

The Empire of Holy Columbia was formed in this era. The Americanist religion is established by Bannister Smithson.

  • 2300 1. 1. - The Righteous Assembly, the Revelationist religious authority is called together but fails to appoint a religious head. It will take a powerful rulers to again call the assembly together, a feat not yet achieved.
  • 2301 - Hardin Titus is born.
  • 2308 - Keenich Lorenz Yoder of Deitcherei dies a natural death at 68 years of age.
  • 2310 - The Southron Postadventist Hardin Titus becomes Duke of Midcountry at 9 years of age. The circumstances have been lost to time.
  • 2327 January 15th - The Southron Evangelical Leonidas Royall is born.
  • 2344 - Southron Bannister Smithson becomes the first Americanist President. The rise of this Old World Cult in the 24th century followed the decline in Evangelicalism's moral authority in the century prior and the rise of Postadventism's moral authority.
  • 2348 - Duke Hardin Titus of Midcountry dies at 47 years of age in a chaotic battlefield duel with Leonidas Royall. The title of Duke of Midcounty is left vacant.
  • 2354 - Emmett Turner is born.
  • 2361 January 2nd - Leonidas Royall becomes the first Emperor of the Holy Columbian Confederacy.
  • 2379 - Emmett Turner is born.
  • 2380 1. 01. - The Americanist Chicagoan Stanislaus Avondale, the Grand Mayor of Chicago and Calumet counties establishes the Republic of Cook a mere 36 years after Bannister Smithson established the Americanist faith.
  • 2382 - Emperor Leonidas I RoyalI the Great of the Holy Columbian Confederacy dies a natural death at the age of 55.

25th Century[]

The Empire of California and Ceticism are both established.

  • 2401 - Diamond Turner is born.
  • 2421 - Elton Yudkow establishes the Empire of California.
  • 2435 - Jarius Turner is born.
  • 2475 - Virgil Turner is born.
  • 2480 - Adam Feymore is born to unknown parents.
  • 2487 - Mark Lengacher is born.
  • 2500 - Santiago Leones is born.

26th Century[]

The Empire of Gran Columbia was formed during this century and quickly collapsed following the death of Zacaras who would become known as the False Liberator. The Kingdom Venzeula was also formed and it was Sultin Santiago of Venzeula who burned Emperor Zacaras at the steak.

  • 2501 - Reginald Turner is born.
  • 2509 - Adam Feymore becomes the first Duke of Midcountry since Hardin Titus on his birthday at 29 years of age.
  • 2513 - Abram Lengacher, son of Keenich Mark Lengacher of Deitscherei is born.
  • 2516 - Zacaras is born.
  • 2553 - Zacaras becomes Emperor of Gran Columbia.
  • 2555 - Gabriella Hayek is born.
  • 2556 - Keenich Mark Lengacher of Deitscherei dies a natural death. His son Abram Lengacher becomes Keenich.
  • 2563 - Zacaras, Emperor of Gran Columbia is burnt at the stake by order of Sultin Santiago of Venzeula. Chad Yudkow, son of Celstrial Emperor Hatch the Lame of California is born.
  • 2565 - Duke Adam Feymore of Midcountry dies a natural death at 85 years of age.
  • 2570 - Sultin Santiago Leones of Venzeula dies a natural death at 70 years of age.
  • 2574 May - Virgil Turner is born.
  • 2574 February - Exerlena Turner is born.
  • 2580 - Gabriella Hayek becomes Count of El Paso and Duke of Transpecos
  • 2585 January - The Gullah man Halleck Sengstacke is born.

27th Century[]

  • 2600 4. 8 - Californio Cetic Gabriella Hayek becomes the first and only Protector General of the Eastern Protectorate of the Empire of California (a Kingdom title). She holds this office for one day.
  • 2600 4. 9 - Gabriella Heyek becomes Queen of Arixo, transforming the very short lived protectorate into a free state during the reign of Celestrial Emperor Chad the Boneless.
  • 2601 - Reginald Turner is born.
  • 2610 - Halleck Sengstacke becomes Earl of Hinesville.
  • 2628 6. 21 - Gothamite Aurel Heerstraat is elected as the Americanist President. The first Gothamite to hold the title.
  • 2633 10. 10 - Ammon-Jaffar Ababwa becomes Emir of Suncoast.
  • 2637 - Celestial Emperor Chad the Boneless died comatose in bed at 74 years of age.
  • 2639 - Violet Turner becomes Chieftess of Little Mo.
  • 2646 - Earl Halleck Sengstacke of Hinesville dies a natural death at 61 years of age.
  • 2666 - Present


THE FOLLOWING IS SEMI-CANON based on possible in-game events.

  • 266? - Chief Brumby McJunkin of Phoenix invites Allysia Warmsands back to his court and converts to her Aphite ways.
  • 266? - Thom and Martha Wayne are killed by brigands in an alley on their way back from the town market.
  • 26?? - A movement to increase religious Liberty among the title holders within the Holy Columbian Empire gains greater traction through study of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • 27?? - Bruce Wayne becomes Patrician of House Wayne and is known as 'the Bat'.
  • 27?? - The Next Americanist Election is held.
  • 27?? - The Caribbean Empire collapses.
  • 2740 - Japanese Invade Santa Cruz and neighboring lands along the coast of California.
  • 2815 to 2840 - British invade Boston and neighboring lands along the coast of the New England region.
  • 3053 - Russians invade the old territory of Alaska.