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Thom Wayne is the current Patriarch of House Wayne. Thom is a charitable Hamiltonian in the Republic of New York. As a Hamiltonian he believes that the founders and Americans of old had great powers beyond those stated in record and that any devout follower of the faith can attain these implied powers of the Americans. Thom is because of this belief disqualified from becoming President. In personal practice Thom is seeking to obtain the implied powers of General Welfare through charitable works in the Republic of New York. Thom's charity work has in regards to managing House Wayne left it with less funds (compared to the other houses) to campaign for the office of Speaker and Thom is considered the least likely to win next election in part due to this.


  • House of Wayne


Thom Wayne is married to Martha. They have a single son named Bruce.


Thom is a scripted character with three established traits; Dutiful Cleric, Charitable, and Kind with other traits being randomly determined.


  • Thom Wayne is named after the father of Bruce Wayne, a character in DC's Batman comics.
  • Thom Wayne is a scripted character who starts with established traits and will be killed along with Martha a few months into the game by brigands in the market at night. This script is a further reference to Batman's origins in DC comics much like Bruce Wayne's childhood traits in the mod.