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The Order of St. Leibowitz is a monastic community that was founded soon after the Event. The Order dedicates it's self to the preservation of antediluvian knowledge, working diligently and tirelessly to achieve this goal. While the monastic community has existed for centuries it only formalized it's self under the present name following the canonization of Leibowitz in the 26th century.

Membership Requirements[]

  • Age is greater or equal to 16
  • One of these must be true;
    • Publicly follows the Catholic religion.
    • All of the following must be true;
      • Is NOT a heretic.
      • One of the these must be true;
  • Does NOT have the trait 'Excommunicated'
  • Did not betray the society.
  • Has personal wealth greater or equal to 11.76 gold.


  • Donatus | Monthly Piety + 0.05% Fertility -15% | Power: Wisdom of Saint Liebowitz - Your wards have a chance to gain increased attribute points during their education and upon reaching adulthood have a chance to lose a wicked trait and gain a pious one.
  • Oblatus | Monthly Piety +0.1% Learning +1 Fertility -15% | Power: Take Vow of Celibacy Power: Renounce Vow of Celibacy Power: Give Spiritual Guidance
  • Commissus | Monthly Piety +0.2% Learning +2 Fertility -15% Culture Technology Points +0.05 | Power: Invite Holy Ascetic Power: Teach Virtue
  • Conversus | Monthly Piety +05% Learning +3 Fertility -15% Culture Technology Points +0.1% | Power: Wisdom of Leibowitz - Upon reaching rank 4, you will be approached by a fellow member of The Order of St. Leibowitz who will help you become more learned. Power: Convert County - Enables right-clicking the title shield of a county to convert the local population to your religion.


  • Bishop Tony of Chicago is the current head of the Order of St. Leibowitz.

Other Members[]

  • Gerald
  • Georgia


  • The Order of St. Leibowitz comes from the 1959 novel 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' which chronicles a 3000 year history from the aftermath of a nuclear war on into Leibowitz's canonization and into the far future. The mod only uses aspects from the background presented in the novel and details from the first segment which follows Leibowitz's canonization.
  • The characters of Gerald and Georgia are references to characters from the 1959 novel.