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Since the founding of the Californian Empire, there have been attempts to connect the First Emperor Norton to the post-Event history of the empire. While most scholars recognize that somehow the empire immediately fell after Norton, many zealous Cetics firmly believe that the empire is an eternal one, with a long line of emperors that are ascended and are above historicity. Although almost entirely mythological, many groups have agreed upon the line of Celestial Emperors that succeed Norton all the way up to Elton I.


The Lineage[]

Each Emperor comes with a name, their rule, and a brief description of their rule. All as decided by the gurus and monks that wrote the lineage.

  1. Celestial Emperor Norton II, 1880-1913, son of Norton I, conquered vast swathes of land and ascended in 1913 at the age of 92. Personally killed the president in battle.
  2. Celestial Emperor Ambrosius I, 1913-1955, grand-nephew of Norton I, maintained grand knowledge and ascended in 1955 at the age of 106. Personally killed the president in battle.
  3. Celestial Emperor Ambrosius II, 1955-2011, great grand-nephew of Norton I, built the grand palace of Sacramento and ascended in 2011 at the age of 188. Personally killed the president in battle.
  4. Celestial Emperor Burt I, 2011-2111, great great grandson of Norton I, conquered nearly the whole world and spread California to it's furthest extent and ascended in 2111 at the age of 208. Personally killed the last president in battle.
  5. Celestial Emperor Calvin, 2111-2302, great great great grand-nephew of Norton I, liberated almost all of the Empire to gain more good favor and karma and ascended in 2302 at the age of 339. Personally killed the new president in battle.
  6. Celestial Emperor Burt II, 2302-2399, great great great great grand-nephew of Norton I, reinvented farming and agriculture for all the world and ascended in 2399 at the age of 104. Personally killed the president in battle.
  7. Celestial Emperor Ambrosius III, 2399-2410, great great great great great grand-nephew of Norton I, returned mortality to the Emperors to vanquish vanity and ascended in 2410 at age 69. Personally killed the president in battle.
  8. Celestial Emperor Skylar, 2410-2421, great great great great great great grandson of Norton I, immaculately conceived Elton I and returned all of the empire to a mortal state, ascended in 2421 at age 55. Personally killed the president with his powerful karma.

Debate and Reaction[]

The first idea of a metaphysical lineage was brought up during the time of Elton I, who simply rejected the notion as non-historical and sacrilegious, but as time wore on and the period proceeded, more and more people and groups adhered to the idea. By 2666 there was a dedicated rendition from many Cetic scholars that denied almost all historical documentation of the outside world in favor of some Lineage.

While every non-Cetic group denies the Lineage, and a fine majority of Cetic groups denies the Lineage, it is still an issue of theological and philosophical debate in almost every temple and palace. Every king and emperor has either had a neutral or negative opinion of the Lineage, and many gurus have slandered, cursed, and exiled each other over the issue.

The Lineage remains an unpopular and extremely controversial concept in California and the Cetic religion, and seems to have no roots in any historical or archaeological findings, and appears to just be wishful thinking from a few dedicated Cetics.