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The ultimate cause of the Event which destroyed Old America is shrouded in mystery. However, there is one theory that has persisted through the ages. It claims that a secret society, known as the Illuminati, used supernatural powers to bring down Old America for their own evil ends. Some say this society still exists today, and that they are looking for new members....


There are said to be four ranks; inspector, knight, prince, and Grandmaster with in the Illuminati. Each is said to become increasingly potent in Dark Power which is used to further manipulate those around them.

Rumored Members[]

Those alleging this group still exists have accused many individuals in power, if not all of them, as being part of or under the influence of the Illuminati. On the east coast they often claim that Franklin Ironwitt, of the Americanist Presidency, is part of this society. In the old heartland of America Overseer Coleman Kirkpatrick of Chicago is said to be a member and to the west various Atomicist are accused.

OOC Notes[]

The Illuminati is a Secret Society of Demon Worshipers in After the End with their high patron being 'Marx'. Their ultimate plans are shrouded but appear to involve the broad manipulation of Old World Cultist with common trends being Human transcendence into godhood, the power of technology, and an inclination towards Republican governments. Marx is of course a reference to Karl Marx who authored the Communist Manifesto and it's possible that certain proletarian aims are being carried out through manipulation of the Rust Cultists. An educated guest is that the organization seeks to elevate Humanity through cybernetics (Chrome Cultists) and Mutation (Atomicists) towards godlike levels of performance and ability within a proletarian society (Rust Cultists) unified by a belief in the deification of elected leaders (Americanist/Jeffersonian) through the endowing of power by the combined will of the people.