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Texan is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Star-Folk Culture group.


Though the Lone Star State is divided among many kingdoms and cultures, the famous Texans spirit still survives. Texan culture is the more American remnant of the culture clash across the Rio Grande, and their stubborn pride is easily seen in the warring states of the Aggies and the Longhorn Realm. Texans are one of many cultures swayed to Catholicism in the aftermath of the Event.

Texan Characters in 2666[]

  • Duke Mack Rusk of Longhorn Realm;
  • Duke Dwight Jiberry of Amarillo;
  • Duke Floyd Zanco of Aggies;
    • Lord Mayor Simon of Galveston;
  • General William Stinson of Airmen;
  • Duke Buffalo Taylor-Jones of Abilene;
  • Duke Denton Wise of Metroplex;
    • Count Hollis Hannegan of Waxhachie;
    • Countess Elvira Marchison of Dallas;
  • Captain Allan of the Hood Company;
  • Colonel Cash of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment;
  • Captain Clint of the Hood Band;
  • Captain Emory of the Free Rangers Division;
  • Count Abner Hannegan of Texarkana;
  • Count Preston Fannin of Dal Paso;
  • Count Tom Saltus of Lubbock;
  • Prince-Bishop Karl of Plainview;

Texan Titles[]


  • Texan Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • The Lone Star
  • Longhorn Realm
  • Aggies
  • Texoma
  • Airmen

Culture Sprawl[]