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Tejano is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mexicano Culture group.


The Tejano are the product of years of American-Mexican cultural exchange. Residing mostly to the north of the Rio Grande, they have become a major contender for the throne of the Lone Star, though some have their sights set further south.

Tejano Characters in 2666[]

  • King Luis de Armas of Sierra Madre, often called "the Conqueror"
  • Duke Gonzalo Correcaminito of Estacado, often called "the Speedy"
  • Duke Flaco de Zavala of Piedras Negras
    • Count Armando de Zavala of Uvalde
    • Count Juan de Zavala of Maderas del Carmen
  • Count Ildefonso Cigarroa of Big Bend
  • Count Cheno Cortina of Cameron
  • Prince-Bishop Angelo of Concho
  • Representative Morgan of Nueces

Tejano Titles[]


  • Tejano Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Rio Grande
  • Transpecos

Culture Sprawl[]