Tehrangeleno is a culture in After the End. It is a part of the Californian culture group.


Tehrangeleno culture originated in southern California as a minority mixing with the native Angeleno culture. While there are no areas that are a majority Tehrangeleno, they have a strong presence in the Republic of Los Angeles, with two patricians being Tehrangeleno.

Cultural Retinue

The Tehrangeleno culture has the Wheeler cultural retinue and the Immortals cultural retinue. Wheeler retinue has 150 Heavy infantry and 150 Pikemen with combat bonuses of +10% Infantry Morale, +40% Heavy Infantry Attack, +10% Pikemen Morale, and +40% Pikemen Defense. It costs 825 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.21, and 116 creation cost. Immortals cultural retinue has 250 Pikemen and 50 Light Cavalry with combat bonuses of +20% Pikemen Morale, +20% Pikemen Attack, +10% Light Cavalry Morale, and +10% Light Cavalry Attack.

Tehrangeleno Characters in 2666

  • Ara Gelecik, Patrician in the Republic of Los Angeles;
  • Dariush Tehrani, Patrician in the Republic of Los Angeles;
  • Grandmaster Darwish of Fighting Javidan;

Cultural Sprawl

Tehrangeleno culture is not on the map in 2666.

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