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Tehrangeleno is a culture in After the End. It is a part of the Californian culture group.


Tehrangeleno culture originated in southern California as a minority mixing with the native Angeleno culture. While there are no areas that are a majority Tehrangeleno, they have a strong presence in the Republic of Los Angeles, with two patricians being Tehrangeleno.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Tehrangeleno culture has the Wheeler cultural retinue and the Immortals cultural retinue. Wheeler retinue has 150 Heavy infantry and 150 Pikemen with combat bonuses of +10% Infantry Morale, +40% Heavy Infantry Attack, +10% Pikemen Morale, and +40% Pikemen Defense. It costs 825 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.21, and 116 creation cost. Immortals cultural retinue has 250 Pikemen and 50 Light Cavalry with combat bonuses of +20% Pikemen Morale, +20% Pikemen Attack, +10% Light Cavalry Morale, and +10% Light Cavalry Attack.

Tehrangeleno Characters in 2666[]

  • Ara Gelecik, Patrician in the Republic of Los Angeles;
  • Dariush Tehrani, Patrician in the Republic of Los Angeles;
  • Grandmaster Darwish of Fighting Javidan;

Cultural Sprawl[]

Tehrangeleno culture is not on the map in 2666.