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Tapatio is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mexicano Culture group.


While originally, the term Tapatio was used exclusively for the people of Guadalajara, it eventually came to mean anyone from the general area of the city- usually anyone from Jalisco or Colima. The Tapatio are generally regarded with a favorable light by the other Mexicanos, as they see them as the bastion of Sagrado Corazón on the Pacific.

Tapatio Characters in 2666[]

  • Lord Director Gustavo Lázarez Pistolas of Colima
    • Gran Alcalde Rubín del Toro of Manzanillo
    • Patrician Ramón Fregoso
  • Duke Natividad de las Chivas of Jalisco
    • Count Nicolás Tenamaztle of Ameca
  • Duke Oswaldo Orozco of Nayarit, often called "the Mad"
    • Count Oswaldo Orozco of Costalegre
    • Count Oswaldo Orozco of Puerto Vallarta
  • Captain Enrique of Chivas
  • Captain Zeferino of Colima Traders
  • Calpixqui Everardo Acatl of Coalcomán
  • Countess Adrianna Oroz of Sierra de Amula

Tapatio Titles[]


  • Tapatio Empire

Culture Sprawl[]