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While the world of After the End is filled with powerful or interesting characters, a few are selected for being the most powerful or the most interesting of their region. Those Starting Characters proposed at game start are divided in five Starting Regions.

Indian Country[]

"The mass destruction of the Old World was, in many ways, a godsend for the Indians of Old America. With the governments that once oppressed them destroyed, the Native Americans were free of the reservation system, and began expanding outwards once more. Unlike the days before the Indian Wars however, these revitalized nations are now a minority in their own lands, and have had to compromise their rule with Anglo-American vassals and acknowledgment of the Papacy in New Rome. In such a state, can the Indians survive in this new world?" ― Indian Country description from the Starting Regions

Pahayoko II Nokona[]

"In the years since the apocalypse, the Comanche have been one of the more successful groups of reemerging natives and have carved a large kingdom out of Old World Texas and Oklahoma, carrying on the warrior tradition of their forefathers. However, the Comanche only make up a small portion of their own kingdom's population, and unlike many other native groups, they fight for the Church. King Pahayoko II is young, ambitious, and a great fighter. The pagans in the West and in the South offer great expansions opportunities, Greater Comancheria and Texas remain to be united, and the church presents itself as a great tool. The future of the Comanche seems brighter than ever." ― Description of King Pahayoko Nokona of Comancheria

Will-usdi Boudinot[]

"The Cherokee people were driven from their ancestral homeland centuries ago, and, unlike their Comanche neighbours, they have not yet reconquered it. The current leader of the Cherokke, Will-usdi, does not seem like the kind of ruler who will lead his people to glory - he is known for his complacent nature and his tendency to shy away from conflict. It looks like the Cherokee will stay in their neighbour's shadow for decades to come... unless Will-usdi can defy expectations and carry his tribe to new heights." ― Description of Duke Will-usdi Boudinot of Sequoyah

Tasinagi Hokwoju[]

"Nearly two centuries ago, the area now known as Lakotah used to be home to a thriving Americanist empire centered at Rushmore. Times change, however, and the Sioux have now filled the previous power vacuum in the region. King Tasinagi Hokwoju is the first of these Sioux kings, having formed Lakotah 22 years ago. In the South, Catholics and the threat of Holy War loom. In the East, the hostile Norsemen may soon unite and challenge Lakotah. But the Sioux are as resilient now as they were before the Event. They are warriors, and king Tasinagi won't let his young kingdom go gently." ― Description of King Tasinagi Hokwoju of Lakotah

August Supernault[]

"Horselord August the Wise models himself after two men: Augustus, leader of ancient Rome and August's namesake, and Louis Riel, the man who won the Metis people their home in Manitoba. August has lived a nomadic life on the Plains since he was a little boy, and the last 35 years of his life have been filled with hardship after hardship. Now, though, he stands as the sole leader of the Metis in Saskatchewan, and surrounding him are weak leaders ripe for conquest. August's first goal should be to secure Manitoba and unite the rest of the Metis. His people will be oppressed no longer." ― Description of High Chief August Supernault of Saskatchewan

Hastiin Dodge[]

"Hastiin Dodge is the current leader of the ancient Navajo people, and things are looking better than ever for them. The Navajo are the undisputed rulers of their homeland, and their co-religionists in the Kingdom of Deseret are valuable allies. However, all is not well in Navajoland. Hastiin is getting old, and his three sons have already begun vying for power in anticipation of his death. Will Navajo remain a Mormon bulwark in Arixo, or will they be divided and weak in the face of the Atomicist heathens to their south?" ― Description of Duke Hastiin Dodge of Diné Bikéyah

Hiawatha Onondaga[]

"The Iroquois are the only native people east of the Mississippi that have retained a foothold in their ancestral lands, and they are led by the young Duke Hiawatha Onondaga of Cayuga. Named for the ancient founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, Hiawatha has already proven himself equal to his namesake in diplomatic skill. However, he is still a vassal to the King of Hudsonia, and the Iroquois people are still a minority in their own lands. Can Hiawatha revive the legacy of the Iroquois, or will he prove unable to match his namesake?" ― Description of Duke Hiawatha Onondaga of Cayuga

Southern Knights[]

"The American South has managed to reconstruct itself modestly enough. Core portions of what was once known as the 'Deep South' were reunited centuries ago, and this empire, being one of the strongest realms east of the Mississippi, has taken to styiling itself as the legitimate successor to Old America. Can its wildest ambition ever match up to reality? What of the Southern dukes and counts who refuse to bend knee?" ― Southern Knights description from the Starting Regions

Algernon III Littlepage[]

"305 years after its founding, the Holy Columbian Confederacy is one of the most powerful and stable realms east of the Mississippi, a cornerstone of chivalric culture in the Americas, and self-proclaimed successor to Old America. As its newest emperor, Algernon III has a lot to live up to, and the reality of power isn't the stuff of songs. In an empire beset with the threat of rebellion, constant intrigue in the halls of power, and religious turmoil foreign and domestic, can you prove yourself worthy to wear the crown?" ― Description of Emperor Algernon Littlepage of the Holy Columbian Confederacy

Ellis Crockoone[]

"Life on the border of the largest empire in the new world can be a profitable one... if you are an Evangelic Christian. Unfortunately for the political future of the Tribe of Tenesi, High Chief Ellis is a zealous Revelationist who would not think of compromising his mystical ideas to placate his neighbors. A magnetic personality and dashing good looks may have allowed him to bring Revelationist lands under his control, but will it take a miracle to keep hold of his conquests in the face of Confederate domination?" ― Description of High Chief Ellis Crockoone of Tenesi

Abner Hannegan[]

"Old Count Abner has weathered great misfortune in his life. His firstborn son Taddeo died in infancy. His younger brother wrangled his way into the service of Duke Denton of Metroplex and now stands to inherit a realm greater than Abner's own inheritance. Even God appears to have turned His back on Abner, for Voodoo mystics threaten his southern frontier as his fellow Catholics - true adherents of Christ - bicker amongst themselves and snap at one another's domains. But Abner still draws breath, and his sword as well..." ― Description of Count Abner Hannegan of Texarkana

Huey Latimer[]

"The Latimer family of Tuskegee enjoy a place of privilege on the western frontier of the Holy Columbian Confederacy. Tasked with mantaining the security of the Magnolia Marches, Duke Huey faces threats on all sides: Papists to the northwest and devil-worshipping Occultists to the north, while Voodoo sorcerers revel in the remains of New Orleans. But youthful vigor, a just heart and God himself are on his side. The disparate communities to his west will surely soon fall under the yoke of the true successor to Old America." ― Description of Duke Huey Latimer of Tuskegee

Elias Waltney[]

"Elias Waltney is the latest ruler of the noble and ancient Tribe of the Mouse. The forefathers of his tribe ruled Orlando in the days before the Event, and it is claimed that they turned this patch of marshland into "the happiest place on Earth". However, Elias faces challenges from both within and without. Elias's days as a charming prince have come and gone, but he still lacks an heir. To make matters worse, both the Holy Columbian Confederacy and the Caribbean Empire eye his lands hungrily. Elias's diplomatic skill can only keep them at bay for so long. Will Elias's story have a happy ending?" ― Description of High Chief Elias Waltney of The Mouse

Louis Creaux[]

"King Louis "the Good" of Louisiana has truly earned his epithet. The Kingdom of Lousiana remains a bastion of the Voodoo faith in an otherwise staunchly Christian region, and it is larger and more prosperous than at any point in its history. However, the city of New Orleans remains out of King Louis's grasp, and the Christians bordering his realm are growing more and more fed up with its continued existence. Can King Louis reclaim his kingdom's rightful capital and ensure its continued prosperity, or will Louisiana finally fall to Christian hands?" ― Description of King Louis Creaux of Louisiana

Ghosts of the North[]

"The northern regions of Old America and Canada are a hotbed of turmoil and conflict. Christians and pagan faiths alike vie for control of the region, with Quebecois schismatics and the descendants of the Pennysilvania Amish vying for control alongside New English practicioners of the occult and Rust Belt denizens who worship the long-abandoned auto factories and steel mills of the Old World" ― Ghosts of the North description from the Starting Regions

Abram Lengacher[]

"Keenich Abram VII rules the Kingdom of Deitschrei, one of the oldest and most stable realms in all of Old America. Deitschrei has not seen war in over two hundred years, and it currently enjoys good relations with its fellow Anabaptsits in the Kingdom of Hudsonia. However, Keenich Abram himself faces a rather serious problem. His wife, Keenichn Isidora, has not yet given him a child, and, at age 49, it seems certain that she never will. Will the Lengacher dynasty die with Keenich Abram, or will he find a way to keep his line alive, no matter the cost?" ― Description of King Abram Lengacher of Deitschrei

Florell Laggard[]

"The Big Apple isn't anywhere near the grandeur of its pre-cataclysmic days, but it has survived and rebuilt, retaking its place as one of the Americas' economic and cultural capitals. Over the centuries, the Republic has braved war and calamity, even surrounded by the many factions of the tumultuous Northeast. You are the latest in a long line to guide the city that never sleeps, but beware: your fellow patricians are ambitious, Americanists have few friends among their neighbors, and war is almost more common in the region than trade. Will New York prosper under your rule, or is the great city doomed?" ― Description of Speaker Florell Laggard of New York

Baltus Groot[]

"Hudsonia's fortunes have declined somewhat, from its glory days under the Rodham kings. Although the realm is mostly united, the authority of the crown is weakened, and Baltus III Groot's reign is plagued by religious strife, disloyal vassals, Rodham claimants to the throne and the perpetual threat of Occultists to the east. Can you ride the storm and restore Hudsonia to its old strength, or are Baltus and his kingdom doomed to obscurity?" ― Description of King Baltus Groot of Hudsonia

Coleman Kirkpatrick[]

"Detroit, land of opportunity and home of the divine machines. Blessed be the city of the Old Machines, and blessed be the name of Overseer Coleman the Liberator, hero to his people and hero to his faith. Now free of the influence of its old Quebecois overlords, the Factory of Detroit stands triumphant and ready to unite the Rustic people. In the East and West, both the Ursulines and Catholics stand ready to stop a united Michigan at all costs, but Coleman, too, is ready to stand against them. Long live Detroit, long live the Liberator!" ― Description of Overseer Coleman Kirkpatrick of Detroit

By Laurier[]

"Long ago, before the cataclysm that engulfed the ancient world, Ontario was capital to the empire of Canada, which counted itself among Old America's closest friends. Canada is long gone, but under the House of Laurier, Ontario has built itself anew, braving the storms that have beset its fellow Canadian kingdoms as well as the Northeast in general. Not all is well, however, as the Rust Cultists of the Midwest are a constant threat, as are the conflicts between the Canadian churches and the bloody, ever-changing politics of the eastern seaboard. Under By's reign, will Ontario continue its rise to greatness, or will the Canadian dream finally come to an end?" ― Description of King By Laurier of Ontario

Paul Mahonic[]

"Centuries ago, the House of Mahonic ruled a mighty, prosperous kingdom that united almost all the Northeast, and became a name known - and feared - by every living thing east of the Mississippi. Now, though, those days are but memories, living only in tomes from the great Crimson Library or the tales your father lulled you to sleep with during your childhood, and you are the last. The road before you is trecherous, but not hopeless - play your cards right, and maybe you can return your family, and your people, to their former glory." ― Description of Count Paul Mahonic of Boston

Surpreme Disunity[]

"The lands west of the Rockies are said to be beacons of peace and prosperity, but life in the 27th century is no utopia. The mighty empire of California, which enjoyed centuries of stable rule over nearly all the west coast, has been thrown into chaos by six warring kingdoms, each desiring control ovoer the Emperor and harboring their own ambitions, while the Cascadian kings struggle against Haida invasions, the Mormons of Deseret spread their faith northwards at swordpoint, and Arixan cowboys clash with Navajo, Hopi, and tinkers of the Atomicist faith. Can the peace so many sing about ever be restored in the region?" ― Gods and Kings description from the Starting Regions

Elton IV Yudkow[]

"California has seen better days. The Emperor has become a mere figurehead, with his former governors acting as independent rulers in all but name. Can you reunite California under its divinely-ordained ruler, or will disharmony and strife continue to reign?" ― Description of Emperor Elton Yudkow of California

Kaitlin Freeland[]

"The Freeland family has ruled the region surrounding Portland for nearly 150 years, but Portlandia currently stands divided and weak in the face of the Haida conquests. Kaitlin Freeland rules Portland proper, her sister rules in the south, and her cousin rules the lands west of her. All three dyansty members have claims on one another, but Kaitlin is undeniably the strongest among them. If Portlandia can be united, the Gaian faith might finally be able to stand against the native invaders that threaten its very existence. Will Kaitlin be the savior Mother Earth needs, or will she be forgotten like many before her?" ― Description of Duchess Kaitlin Freeland of Portlandia

Skidegate Hlagi[]

"Beginning almost 150 years ago, the once small Haida realms began a series of conquests that would forever change the political landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Duke Skidegate Hlagi sits upon his throne as one of the successor states of the Haida Conquerors. To his South lay Gaian realms ready to be taken, and to his North lay the fractured Haidan realms that remain to be united. Will he be a great Conqueror like the Haida before him, or will he be the first to die to Gaian liberators?" ― Description of Duke Skidegate Hlagi of Gii Tl'agaang

Ammaron Anthophile[]

"Ammaron Anthophile is the King of Deseret and the King of aAll Mormons, both of which are extremely prestigious titles for any man. However, titles mean nothing if they aren't backed up with force. The Mormon faith is secluded, surrounded on all sides by pagans, and ignored by the Christian world. Deseret, though large, is a weak kingdom with only one major city. Ammaron must overpower his enemies, stand fast in his faith, and find an heir, alone and against all odds. The North and South borders must be secured to defend against potential invasions from California or a united Plains. The fate of Mormonism and his young kingdom hang in the balance." ― Description of King Ammaron Anthophile of Deseret

Gaston del Caballero[]

"King Gaston of Baja is one of the few truly great rulers left in California. Although his personal habits leave something to be desired, nobody can deny that Gaston is one of the strongest and most skilled warriors in all of California. As the Empire of California continues its slow decline, Gaston finds himself in a unique position. Will Gaston be content with his current title, or will he shed his hedonism and use his unique gifts to aim for something... greater?" ― Description of King Gaston del Caballero of Baja

Tsahtsaa Chaahl[]

"King Tsahtsaa of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay is in a truly unique position. His kingdom is both incredibly powerful and very fragile. Although the Kingdom of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay is by far the largest of the Haida Kingdoms, his realm is both geographically isolated and majority-Gaian. On top of all this, King Tsahtsaa's wife Olahl has failed to bear him a son. Will the Kingdom of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay be able to consolidate itself and remain predominant among the Haida realms, or will Gaia finally have her revenge?" ― Description of King Tsahtsaa Chaahl of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay

Zakariyya II Abbas[]

"Imam Zakariyya of Orange is head of the Imamite faith and the last scion of the great house Abbas that once ruled SoCal. As the empire of California continues its slow decline, Zakariyya find himself in a unique position. Will Zakariyya use the chance to investigate rumor of grand treachery and aim for a life beyond that of a mere vassal? Or will he, too fade into dust as the last member of a once-great dynasty?" ― Description of Imam Zakariyya of Orange

South of the Border[]

"Mixtecs, Nahuas, Purepaches, Chilangos, Nortenos, and Jarochos fight over the rich Valley of Mexico, while the merchants of Veracruz grow rich off the Interstate trade from California. The Atom-worshipping lords of Sonora and Tejano conquerors of Sierra Madre threaten the followers of El Santo, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Santa Muerte in the north. The Kingdom of Yucatan is strong, but dissension between Yucatecs and Mayas threatens it from within as the growing Caribbean Empire threatens it from without" ― South of the Border description from the Starting Regions

Portia Bustamante[]

"Marchioness Portia of Jamaica has built a great empire through conquest and diplomacy. But as she grows old, earls and marquises plot to break away or gain the throne for themselves, united only in hatred for the vile Prince Barrington. Worshippers of the orishas, the loa, and Jah are in constant conflict. Can you hold the Caribbean together, or will the Empire survive only as a historical footnote?" ― Description of Empress Portia Bustamante of the Caribbean Empire

Wenceslao Iturbide[]

"House Iturbide claims direct descent from the pre-Event Emperors of Mexico, but they have fallen on hard times. The current head of the Iturbides, Wenceslao I, rules over a vestigial kingdom barely worthy of the name "Mexico". Surrounded by heathen Mesoamerican, rival kings, and squabbling principalities, it seems unlikely that the rulers of Mexico will ever be able to regain their former glory. Will Wenceslao defy the odds and start a new golden age for his dinasty, or will House Iturbide continue its slow fall into obscurity?" ― Description of King Wenceslao Iturbide of Mexico

Pinopiaa Omacatl[]

"Queen Pinopiaa Omacatl is the newest ruler of the Kingdom of Mixteca. She is famous for her stunning beauty and kind nature. Both her father and grandfather are revered by Mictlantecs as Incarnates - earthly incarnations of the gods themselves. However, it seems as if the legendary Omacatl line is doomed to die out. Queen Pinopiaa has no male heirs, and she is married to King Zuangua of Michoacan. Their children are expected to unite their parents' realms into the most powerful Mictlantec kingdom seen since pre-Columbian age... under King Zuangua's dinasty of Iurhuri. Is this truly the end of House Omacatl?" ― Description of Queen Pinopiaa Omacatl of Mixteca

Gustavo Pistolas[]

"Gustavo Pistolas reformed his father's Kingdom of Colima into the Republic of Colima, with families drawn from both the Tapatio majority and the Aztec and Chilango minorities in Colima. Gustavo's new republic stands on the crossroads of the valuable Great Pacific trade route, and it has the potential to become the wealthiest realm this side of the Rio Grande. However, Gustavo faces competition from the Chino merchants in Baja, and his realm is within spitting distance of the mighty Kingdom of Michoacan. Can Gustavo make his fledgling republic last, or is this experiment in democracy doomed to fail?" ― Description of Director Gustavo Pistolas of Colima

Luis de Armas[]

"When he was a young man, King Louis embarked on a holy conquest of Mexico in the name of the Atom. He carved a realm for himself south of the Rio Grande, establishing a feudal kingdom in what was once a barren and desolate wasteland. However, King Luis is no longer a young man - he is now 73 years old, and it seems that he will soon become one with the Atom. Although his son Jesus seems like a worthy successor, some still fear that the Kingdom of Sierra Madre is doomed to fall to the worshippers of the Sacred Heart." ― Description of King Luis de Armas of Sierra Madre

Jonathan II Sulley[]

"Jonathan Sulley is the second king of his name to rule the Kingdom of Moskitia. Both the Kingdom itself and the dynasty that rules it can claim true continuity with their antediluvian counterparts, a unique achievement in the post-Deluge world. However, Moskitia's position is far from secure. They are the last true Christians left in a region that has fallen to heresy and paganism, and the formidable Caribbean Empire eyes the rich lands of Mosquito coast with envy. Can Jonathan live up to the storied legacy of Moskitia, or will House Sulley finally fall for good?" ― Description of King Jonathan II Sulley of Moskitia

Geert-Jan Zonnebeld[]

"The Shareef of Guyana, Geert-Jan, won his throne in the fires of revolt against the former Hindu rulers of the kingdom. However, that was in the prime of his youth - the Shareef is now an aging man, disillusioned with his court and unconcerned with his family after a chunk of Guyanese territory, including his former capital, was annexed by the Hindu Stokely the Conqueror. With the majority of his populace being Hindu, Geert-Jan is at the knife's edge - will he be able to ensure that Muslim rule in Guyana last beyond his life, or is he yet another failed ruler?" ― Description of Shareef Geert-Jan of Guyana