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Southron is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the South Anglo Culture group.

Description and History[]

The people of the Old South. These dashing and elegant gentlemen currently dominate the Holy Columbian Confederacy, forming most of its gentry. While the majority within the Confederacy tend to practice Evangelism, those further north are swayed more by the word of the Fathers. Known for their preference for the names of ancient heroes. A number of the more recent Presidents of the Americanists have been Southron.

Southron Characters in 2666[]

  • Emperor Algernon III Littlepage of the Holy Columbian Confederacy;
    • Duke Octavian Venable of The Triangle;
      • Count Walter Oakheart of Durham;
      • Presiding Bishop William Graham of Chapel Hill;
      • Count August Seddon of Piedmont-Triad;
    • Duke Thomas Spratt of Piedmont Crescent;
      • Count Arthur Dobbs of Catawba;
    • Duke Nathaniel Josias of The Inner Banks;
      • Count Webster Lee Sutton-Pulley of Chowan;
    • Duke Gabriel Johnston pf The Sandhills;
    • Grandmaster Cronus of the Knights of the Golden Circle;
    • Count Wade Littlepage of Pee Dee;
    • Count John Archer of Lejeune;
    • Count Porter Hatrask of Albemarle-Hatteras;
  • Duchess Cornelia Pixane of Southside;
    • Count Lionel Pridemore of Emporia;
    • Count Raleigh Faulcon of Roanoke;
  • Colonel Rhett III Eldridge of Shenandoah;
  • Lord Proprietor Beauregard Bulkeley of Chesapeake;
  • Colonel James Dandridge of Piedmont;
    • Major Cameron Aristley of Bull Run;
    • Major Wallace Harllee of Rappahannock;
    • Major George Bannister of Charlottesville;
  • Colonel Bowman Bulkeley of Gitmo;
  • Major Athena Angelos of Severn;
  • Major Marmaduke Coriaceus of Pocomoke;
  • Major Raynault Semmes of Three Necks;

Southron Titles[]


  • Holy Columbian Confederacy

Traditional Titles[]

  • The Old Dominion

Culture Sprawl[]