Sioux is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Plains Culture group.


The Sioux have founded a kingdom of their own themselves, being responsible for weakening the Americanist kingdom of the area and the downfall of the Pitchstone dynasty, reducing the Americanist presence to the environs of Mount Rushmore. They are the one of the most feared horse archers of the plains, stories of their ferocity being known since the time of the Old World. They have adopted a revival of the ancient Ghost Dance, Nanissáanah, and rediscovered their old traditions. Some of them have left the ruins of the old world and are adopting a more nomadic lifestyle, closer to the mountains.

Sioux Characters in 2666

  • King Tasinagi Hokwoju of Lakotah;
    • High Chief Shotah Sisapa of Wichiyena;
    • Duke Tukiha Maza Apewantanka of Sicangu;
    • Duke Padaniapapi Ihanktonwan of Yankton;
    • Duke Yahto Ingyang of Siouxland;
    • Chief Tamilapesni Heova'ehe of Pine Ridge;
  • Warchief Helushka of Wovoka's Chosen;
  • Count Mankato Wicasa of Laverne;
  • Chief Tokala Shiyolanka of Ahtahkakoop;
  • Chief Pezi Itazipcho of Fort Berthold;
  • Chief Wanageeska Chokatowela of Thunder Basin;
  • Chief Howahkan Shawala of Crow;
  • Chief Ohanzee Wacheunpa of Ochapowace;

Sioux Titles


  • Sioux Empire
  • Siouxland

Traditional Titles

  • Lakotah
  • Niukonska

Culture Sprawl

Sioux exc-2.png
The Sioux in Oklahoma
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