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Seattle is a Gaian county of Cascadians located in what was the northern most duchy of the Kingdom of Cascadia.


Title of Count[]

The title of Count of Seattle was first held by Johnathan the Hammer in 2502 and inherited by his daughter Nance in 2561. Nance's daughter Ellen, the last Queen of Cascadia, then inherited the holding before it was past to her Grandson Cramer when he became Duke of Puget during the collapse of the Queendom of Cascadia.


Seattle is and has traditionally been a Gaian county.



  • Seattle


  • Bellevue
  • Renton


  • Grove of Redmond

Unique Features[]

  • Big Lenin - An ancient bronze statue in the village green, Big Lenin is the local patron of the poor and homeless. The inside of this statue is hollow, letting a single supplicant enter and take shelter for the night. A surprising number of poets, monks and philosophers have taken advantage of this.
  • Pike Place - This humble marketplace has a long and storied history. It is said to be the oldest market of it's kind in the world, and it's operation was not interrupted by the Event. There are many old and ancient objects in this area that have become landmarks in their own right.


  • Big Lenin refers to the bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle, Washington. The statue was commissioned by the communist government of Czechoslovakia where it was built. However the communist government was ended through a Violet (Peaceful) Revolution and a number of communist art works where put up for sale. This one of Lenin was purchase by an American who placed it on display upon private property where it has become a conversational piece of some controversy with like many works of art various interpretations regarding the symbolism of it being on display in an American city.
  • Seattle's unique features (such as Pike Place), coastal access, and proximity to trade post locations make's it an ideal candidate for a Mercantile Republic not only with in the Kingdom of Cascadia but the entire Cascadian Empire if one forms it.