Salishan is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Northwest Coast Culture group.


The indigenous people of the Old State of Washington. Despite having some luck in reestablishing their rule over the area, they have been generally subjugated by their northerly neighbor. They follow either the Raven or Gaianism.

Salishan Characters in 2666

  • High Chief Pugwis Spatsatlt of Git'awyaas;
    • Chief Yeptah Keltakkaua of Taw'laa;
    • Chief Nsskioos Tlakaumoot of K'aayhlt'aa Sk'awíi;
    • Chief Comcomly Tumkoaakyas of Ts'angaay;
  • Chief Chelamela of Walla Walla Warriors;
  • Chief Nessick Potlas of Kinbasket;
  • Count Anta Tokoaïs of Heiltsuk;
  • Countess Clowwewalla Spukpukolemk of Nuxalk;
  • Count Sadziskeh Queptlmamish of Sdaaguhl;
  • Chieftess Haiwee Pentlatc of Whitman;

Salishan Titles


  • Salishan Empire

Traditional Titles

  • The Coast
  • Colville

Culture Sprawl

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