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Sagrado Corazón is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Sagrado Corazón is part of the Cult of Saints religious group.


"The followers of Sagrado Corazón- the Sacred Heart- follow a pantheon of quasi-deities derived from Catholic traditions. Although the faith has Catholic origins, it has deviated far from the old theology, and the Catholic Church north of the border officially regards Sagrado Corazón as heretical." ― In-Game description of Sagrado Corazón


Catholicism in México has always deviated slightly from traditional Roman Catholicism, often bordering on a religion of it's own. After communication with Rome was cut off, however, the traditions that had given Mexico it's uniqueness in the Latin world took on a whole new life of their own, with the local population revering the most important aspects of Mexican culture as demigods- if not full gods.

While not all of pre-event Mexico follows this pantheon, the faith is large enough to be considered the dominant faith of Latin America.

Sagrado Corazón Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • King Wenceslao Iturbide of Mexico
    • Lord Proprietor Guillermo Protocarrero of Heroica Veracruz
      • Patrician Yanga de Cos
      • Patrician Pedro Pasquel
      • Patrician José Ignacio de Ulúa
      • Patrician Venustiano Valenzuela
    • Duke Adalberto de Zocalo of Huasteca
    • Duke Marcos Zarco of Puebla
    • Duke Urbano de Bastidas of Hidalgo
    • Count Baltasar de Oñate of Temascalcingo
    • Countess Lucrecia Lara of Las Montañas
    • Count Cuauhtémoc Iturbide of Toluca
  • King Carbajal dos Santos of Rio Bravo
    • Duke Cáandido Gortespil of Tamaulipas
    • Duke Gaspar de la Maestranza of Nuevo León
    • Duke Cheno Cortina of Rio Grande Valley
  • Lord Director Gustavo Pistolas of Colima
    • Gran Alcalde Rubín del Toro of Manzanillo
    • Patrician Cabrillo Madueña
    • Patrician Ramón Fregoso
  • Duke César de la Zapalinamé of Coahuila
    • Count Juan de Zavala of Ocampo
  • Duke Flaco de Zavala of Piedras Negras
  • Duke Oswaldo Orozco of Nayarit, also known as "the Mad"
    • Count Oswaldo Orozco of Costalegre
    • Count Oswaldo Orozco of Puerto Vallarta
  • Duke Felipe Canales of San Luis Potosí, also known as "the Simple"
  • Duke Baltasar Ceinos of Guanajuato
    • Count Ponce de Funleal of Celaya
    • Countess Cacilda de Herrera of León
  • Duke Jofre Ceinos of Querétaro
  • Duke Tito Ceinos of Los Altos
    • Count Bartolomé Chirino of Tepatitlán
  • Duke Natividad de las Chivas of Jalisco
    • Count Nicolás Tenamaztle of Sierra de Amula

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Lord Proprietor Yuk Chang-Lin of Baja Sur
    • Countess Zhang Xiang of Los Cabos
    • Count Trinidad Marquez of Mulegé
    • Count Cao Vicente of Loreto
    • Patrician Sergio la Flor
    • Patrician Vermundo Murrieta
    • Patrician Takamura Isamu
  • Count Ildefonso Cigarroa of Big Bend

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Chivas, currently led by Captain Santiago
  • Colima Traders, currently led by Captain Díaz
  • Corsairs of Cortés, currently led by Hermanaric
  • Granaderos, currently led by Captain Bernal
  • Masked Men of Capistrano, currently led by Captain Garcilasco
  • Palace Guard, currently led by Captain Kino
  • San Patricios, currently led by Captain Carbrey
  • Tricolor Footmen, currently led by Captain Gastón

Holy Orders[]

  • Orden de la Máscara, currently led by Campéon Joaquin Vega

Holy Sites[]

  • Laredo
  • Guanajuato
  • Mexico
  • Heroica Veracruz
  • Nueces

Four of the holy sites (Mexico, Guanajuato, Heroica Veracruz, and Laredo) are held by members of the Sagrado Corazon faith as of 2666. The remaining holy site, Nueces, is held by the Americanist Tribe of Airmen.

In-Game Features[]

The primary feature of Sagrado Corazón is that adherents may follow one of three saint-patrons.

  • Our Lady of Guadeloupe - By far the most popular patron-saint in the Sagrado pantheon, Our Lady of Guadeloupe is the patroness of Lords, and protector of the Pious. While all Sagrado faithful may recieve visions brought on by the Virgin Mary, or Marian Apparitions, they are most commonly associated with patrons of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
  • El Santo - A figure of the later antediluvian world, El Santo achieved legendary status with his martial prowess. Adherents of El Santo typically engage in a ritual combat, which includes masks and forbids any weapons. Being Un-masked during combat is considered the highest dishonor.
  • Santa Muerte - Adherents of Santa Muerte are usually inducted into the Cult of Death, or "Muertenos". Muertenos celebrate the passing of a soul to the underworld, rather than mourning it. However, if a soul reaches the underworld by... less than natural means, one can expect the family of the deceased to exact terrible revenge.

Mexicano cultures that are also Sagrado Corazon have access to Reconquista mechanics inside the de jure Empire of Mexico.

As of 2666, Sagrado Corazón has 60.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Sagrado Corazón faith is called a Padre.


  • Sagrado Corazón takes it's name from "The Sacred Heart of Jesus", one of the most widely practiced Roman Catholic devotions.
  • El Santo is a reference to the famous Mexican Luchadore of the same name, who's wrestling career lasted nearly 50 years.