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Rust Cultism is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Rust Cult is part of the Old World Cultist religious group as of the 0.5 update.


"When the first of the Rust Cult stumbled upon an abandoned factory of the old world, what he saw seemed to be the handiwork of the gods. The cult quickly spread through the former Rust Belt, worshiping these houses of the divine and the technological marvels wrought within, which they are willing to defend with their lives. Rust Cultists dedicate much of their time to recovering and revering any old world technology they can find. Due to their age however, opportunities to find operational relics are few and far between." ― In-Game description of Rust Cultist


From the wrecked automotive assembly plants in Detroit, through the silent steel-mills of Pittsburgh, down to the abandoned mines of West Virginia, the Rust Cult makes Holy what others have abandoned, long since considering them defunct. The Rust Cultists now inhabit the once great manufacturing centers of days passed, bringing new life to the Rust Belt.

Rust Cultist Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Petty Tycoon Sculpin Begole of Midmichigan
  • Forge Saint Jamal, often called "the Wise"
  • Petty Tycoon George Carter of The Reserve
    • Magnate Donovan Carter of Columbus
  • Chief Foreman Thomm Duranck of Geeyem
    • Magnate Jack Mackinac of Tawas
  • Petty Tycoon Edward Glasmacher of Maumee
  • High Chieftess Mary Harris of Vandalia
    • Chief Silas Busby of New River
    • Chief Hugh Scruggs of Kanawha
    • Chief Jules Stanley of Monongalia
  • Overseer Coleman Kirkpatrick of Detroit, often called "the Liberator"
    • Patrician Lucius Cass
    • Patrician Wayne Gretson
    • Patrician Benzene Penskey
    • Patrician Ninoslav Ahmadovic
  • Oligarch Avril Movenpick of Talbot
  • Tycoon Philippa Murrough of Alleghenia
    • Oligarch Lorne II Satterhwaite of Niagara
    • Oligarch Marshall Teller of Erie
    • Magnate Ishmael Ashur of Yohogania
    • Conductor Edward of Laurel Highlands
  • Petty Tycoon Gelbin Musbach of Miami Valley
  • Petty Tycoon Ralston Napton of Indianapolis
    • Magnate Davis Arbuccli of Muncie
    • Magnate Tyler Totenkopf of High Land
  • Petty Tycoon Steppen Rostenhauer of West Michigan
  • Petty Tycoon Walther Rostenhauer of Michiana
    • Magnate Ludewis Rostenhauer of Gary
  • Magnate Grimhilt Stahlbleche of Mahoning

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Arborite Wolverines, currently led by Captain Bessemer
  • Buckeyes of Ohio, currently led by Captain Benjamin
  • Steel Brotherhood, currently led by Supreme Knight Kory
  • Steel Company, currently led by Chief Foreman Justin
  • Zoological Society of Cleveland, currently led by Zookeeper Andre
  • The Iron-Workers, currently led by Union President Wade

Holy Sites[]

  • Palisades: The great eastern factory of Palisades is one of the oldest of the Old World's manufactories; legends speak of ships the size of castles rolling from its shipyards in a matter of days. Today Palisades builds ships much smaller, but no less important.
  • Cuyahoga: While pilgrims to the shores of Cuyahoga are gifted with many ruins and forges to pray in, the true point of reverence is the River of Flame. It is said that when the Machines Spirits grew angry with mortals, the very water itself had burned for days on end with the holy flame of industry.
  • Detroit: The homeland of the Motowners, Detroit boasts more Old World ruins and finds than almost any other place in the world. It was recently liberated from Canadian rule by the great Coleman Kirkpatrick, and seems poised to retake its dominance in the world of building and shipping. Presently the seat of the Forge Saint.
  • Chicago: The great Queen of the West, Chicago sits at a crossroads of water and land, and those walking along the iron-roads of the Old World will always find themselves passing through. Chicago is hotly contested by many faiths, few of whom have reckoning for its wealth in technological relics.
  • Yohogania: Heart of the steel industry, Yohogania built the cities and machines of the Old World. Though the means by which Old America turned Yohogania into an engine of engines have long been lost, the city's mines and waterways keep it a place of reverence for the faithful.

Industrial Action Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Michigan - 5000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Ohio - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Chicagoland - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Allegheny - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Gotham - 250 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Hudsonia - 200 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Columbia - 100 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Deitscherei - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Ontario - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Appalachia - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Missouri - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Old Dominion(Kingdom) - 20 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Booneland - 20 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Superior - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of New England - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Quebec - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Aurora - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Dixieland - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Carolina - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Magnolia - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Iowa - 5 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Colorado - 5 Crusade Weight

In-Game Features[]

Rust Cultist rulers may undertake a journey to seek and salvage old world technology, which can be kept as a treasury item, donated for piety, or sold for gold. Rust cultists can celebrate labor day to raise piety, and have the choice to raise or lower national revolt risk by staying in your castle or celebrating with the commoners. The Forge Saint can grant claims and divorces, as well as call for Industrial Actions after they have been unlocked. Priests can marry. Women can hold temples. Powerful Rust Cultist Emperors can claim The Great Factory, though all other rust cultists will come to help the Forge Saint. When in control of a kingdom title with a holy site, the ruler may create and vassalize a holy order. Once all the holy orders have been formed, the rust cultists have the largest amount of holy orders of any religion. Michigan has the Auto-workers, Chicagoland has the Teamsters, Ohio has the Federation of Labor, Gotham has the Alliance of Stagehands, and Alleghenia has the Iron-Workers, but due to they already being formed, you can vassalize them instead. As of 2666, Rust Cultism has 55.9 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Rust Cult faith is called a Stationmaster.


Rust Cultists will be renamed to Galvanists in Ck3 After the End