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Riverlander is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the South Anglo Culture group.


The hardy Riverlanders live at the Great Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi, and have the pleasure of hosting the Pope in their great city of New Rome, also known as Saint Louis. They also are distinct from their Dixie and Southron cousins culturally, their attire and attitudes being more of a Midwestern mold. Religiously divided: some are Catholic, some are Revelationist, some Evangelical, and a very small number subscribe to Rust Cultism.

Riverlander Characters in 2666[]

  • Pope Praised-Be;
    • Prince-Bishop Brookmount of Cuivre;
  • High Chief Ellis Crockoone of Tenesi;
  • Grand Duke Napoleon Ramsays of Little Egypt;
  • Grand Duke Stephan Earle of Blue Grass;
  • Grand Duke Azor Plumbum of Lead Belt;
  • Grand Duke Ronald Cygnus of Kentuckiana;
  • Grand Duchess Sarah Leitner of Great River;
    • Prince-Bishop Stirling Leitner of Gasconade;
  • Lord Proprietor Callaway Lohman of Boonslick;
    • Prince-Bishop Lorton of Boone;
    • Count Lorton Mudshore of Saline;
  • Chief Bradley Escreve of Blue Licks;
  • Chief Patrick Mudcray of Mammoth;
  • Chief Vick Procambarr of Chillicothe;
  • Count Hamilcar Bark of Hannibal;
  • Count Fulton Bertelsmeyer;

Riverlander Titles[]


  • Riverlander Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Middle Tennessee
  • West Tennessee
  • Tribe of Tenesi

Culture Sprawl[]