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Historically the land presently known as the Duchy of Cook was a Republic established on 1 January 2380 by Stanislaus Avondale who would latter be elected as President of the Americanist Presidency. The historical republic enjoyed a long 231 year history even having a Catholic head of state before it's last leader, President Anatol Avondale of the Americanist Presidency was sacrificed by Norse invaders who effectively destroyed the title.


The Republic of Cook consisted of two counties; Chicago and Calumet along the coast of lake Michigan. The Republic's capital was the City of Chicero which is located in Chicago County.


Throughout the Republic's 231 year history Cook was predominantly an Americanist state with a Catholic and Woolleyite minority. In the 26th century both the Catholics and Wooleyite's managed to hold leadership in the republics.


The republic was established in 2380 by Stanislaus Avondale. Stanislaus's Americanist ideals, or at least his interpretation of them, prevented the Republic from becoming a Mercantile Republic with a plutocratic oligarchy- a government it would of had otherwise if not for his involvement. So great was this feet of political maneuvering that Stanislaus Avondale was renowned enough to be elected as President of the Americanist Presidency. Over the years maintaining the republic's 'pure' form from oligarchs played a role in it's political landscape with the citizenry suspicious of highborn houses save the Avondales who managed to produce a total of five Speakers for the Republic. The delicate situation of constantly being on the brink of Oligarchy was what truly defined Cook as a Republic, it's ability to avoid Oligarchy despite geography and social trends of neighboring lands. Religious tolerance was also well known though the election of Emil, a Woolleyite in 2537 did cause concern. The Laterday-Saints are traditionally Theodemocrats and opposition to Emil feared that the Republic may transform into this. It's not known if Emil would have truly altered the Republic so drastically as he was assassinated upon the orders of his fourth wife who was then executed by Emil's successor. The election of two Catholic heads of states, who chose to title themselves as 'Capo' instead of 'Speaker' was opposed by those who feared the Republic would be a puppet of the Papacy. Conservatives, those seeking to preserve the Republic's Americanist ideals and the Stanislaus true Republic managed to bring Anatol Avondale into office as Speaker, and latter as President of the Americanist Presidency, with claims that the republic was falling away from it's roots and needed to return to what made it unique so long ago. Unfortunately it was not domestic matters that Anatol was able to focus on, as President he had to consider matters outside the Republic and the Americanist conflict with the Norse- a conflict that lead to his death and the end of the Republic.


As a republic Cook enjoyed an open election process where anyone could run for the office of Speaker. Though in practice only those with age and renown managed to obtain the position. Factionally the republic's politics could be summarized as being Avondalist, Republican, Oligarch, and Liberal. Avondalist where those whose devotion to the Republic's historical roots lead them to support election of Stanislaus's decedents in order to remain closest to the ideals that founded the Republic. Technically the republic was a free but for the most part it functioned like a merchant republic, with many of the Speakers of Cook coming from similar lineages. Naturally the Avondalists where opposed by those who claimed they where too 'monarchist' for democracy and would rather have feudalism than democracy. The Republicans where motivated largely in opposing the Oligarchs so that even the Lowborn may run for the title of Speaker (though no lowborn ever held the office). The Oligarchs comprised of largely of those related to or holding hereditary titles, namely of the Garrisons in both Chicago and Calumet. They had the most to gain from the adoption of a more wealth based government due to holding landed titles. Opposition to them realized of course that overtime any Merchant Republic can by power consolidation become a feudal monarchy. The Liberal faction where similar to the Republicans with some cross over between them though the Republicans where more interested in conservation of the Americanist Republicanism and local culture than the liberals. The liberals largely consisted of foreigners and those of religious minorities seeking to transform the state so that it would be more accepting of them. Liberial rule lead to the development of the Chicagoan culture to become more distinct from its neighbors. During the 26th century the liberals had successfully managed to get a Catholic and Woolleyite into office. Leadership under these paved the way for Anatol's short lived Speakership as the last head of state for the Republic due to reactionary politics that arose.

Heads of State[]

  • Speaker Stanislaus Avondale (2380-2420), Founder of the republic, latter the ?th President of The Presidency.
  • Speaker Aldo 2420-2446)
  • Speaker Morgan Avondale (2446-2461)
  • Capo Robert I, Catholic (2461-2499)
  • Speaker Ferguslav Avondale, Americanist (2499-2537)
  • Emil, Wolleyite (2537-2555), assassinated upon the orders of his fourth wife.
  • Speaker Daley I, Americanist (2555-2576), executed the fourth wife of Emil upon taking office.
  • Speaker Fionnslav Avondale (2576-2603)
  • Speaker Daley II (2603-2611)
  • Speaker Anatol Avondale (2611-????), Sacrificed to Norse gods while serving as the ?th President of The Presidency

Longest Term: Stanislaus Avondale, Speaker for 40 years.

Shortest Term: Daley II, Speaker for 8 years.

OOC Notes[]

  • By in game mechanics with 'The Republic' DLC which introduced the Mercantile Republic government as playable 'Cook' would have been one. Any republic with a coastal capital and duchy tier title will become a Mercantile Republic. However it is not as said government was not in the game at the time of mod's conception. This has made Cook an interesting anomaly that can not be replicated as it was historically with the DLC. Rather if one would like to restore the republic of Cook while having The Republic as an active DLC one will have to have the capital county not be it's historical one of Chicero. Rather the capital will have to be inland away from Lake Michigan.
  • Historical Merchant republics are displayed as regular republics as shown by the fact that the historical founder of the republic of new york is labeled as a merchant republic instead of a merchant republic.