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Reformista is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. The faith and its "mainstream" form, Cristo Rey, are largely inspired by the Cristero War, a widespread struggle in central and western Mexico in response to the imposition of secularist and anticlerical articles of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico, which were anti-Catholic measures aimed at imposing state atheism. The rebellion was instigated as a response to an executive decree by Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles to enforce Articles 3, 5, 24, 27, and 130 of the Constitution, a move known as the Calles Law. Calles sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations and to suppress popular religious celebrations in local communities. Reformista is part of the Christian religious group.Captura de pantalla 2022-03-14 212359.png


"The Reformista faith has its origins in the idea that belief should not be controlled by a strict Church. Beneméritos of old have tried to bring these ideals to fruition, the latest being Benemérito José Elías, who liberalized the structure of belief, opening up the Church to popular devotions without restriction. The fate of people´s souls is far too important to be decided by priests who know not their flock. Thus, it is imperative that the Church have a protector who knows the needs of its people well and is not distracted by lofty pursuits and rigid hierarchies. By God and Liberty, the Benémerito is the one who must lead as only through respecting the various beliefs of others, can there be peace." In-game description of Reformista


  • High God: Dios
  • God Names: Jesuscristo, Cristo Rey, la Virgencita and The Saints
  • Evil God Names: El Diablo and Lucifer
  • Scripture: The Bible


The only major Reformista in Mexico´s history after the event was Ministro José Elías Guelatao of Mexico, however, his rule was short-lived as he was slain 4 years after his coronation by the Prelate of the Cristeros himself.

Holy Sites[]

  • Atemajac
  • Atenas
  • Escuhué
  • Fresnillo
  • México

As of 2666, no holy sites are controlled by Reformistas.

In-game features[]

  • The Ministro can Excommunicate Reformista characters
  • Priests can marry
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers
  • Much lower chance of provincial revolts
  • Large bonuses to all vassals opinions
  • Rulers can hold larger Demesnes
  • Rulers cannot declare Holy Wars
  • Ministerio de la Reforma is held by a secular ruler, and can be destroyed or created normally

As of 2666, Reformista has 20.0 Moral Authority. A temple holder of the Reformista faith is called a Bishop

Religious Head[]

Ministerio de la Reforma CoA.png

The religious head of the Reformista faith is the Ministro of the Ministerio de la Reforma. As of 2666, there is no Ministro, but the title can be created if a ruler has the titles of the Imperio Mexicano (Kingdom) or Mexico (Empire), the ruler also needs to control the county of México and have more than 1000 prestige. Ministerio de la Reforma is held by a secular ruler, and can be destroyed or created normally.