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Reform is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Reform is part of the Jewish religious group and is considered a heresy of Orthodox.


"Reform Judaism split from Orthodox Judaism in the 19th century, under the belief that in order for Judaism to survive in the modern age, it should reform to be more compatible with a modern, secular lifestyle. Reform Judaism regards Halacha (Jewish religious law) as non-binding, permits women to be ordained as rabbis, and is overall more open to external infuences than Orthodox Judaism. Reform Jews actually outnumbered Orthodox Jews prior to the Event, but after the "modern age" ended, Reform Judaism's popularity dropped sharply." ― In-Game description of Reform


The history of the Jewish faith is long, and often filled with troubles. Their history in America is no different. To add to this, Reform Judaism also experienced a drop in popularity among the Jews because of the end of the "modern age" that had made the faith gain its popularity. Overtime, Reform Judaism disappeared almost completely, leaving Orthodox as the main Jewish faith. Despite this, there are still a few nobles that practice Reform Judaism.

Reform Characters in 2666[]

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Earl Leonard Horowitz of Palm Beach;
  • Patrician Adam Blumenkrantz (Miami);
  • High Chief Viracocha Chasca of Cauca (secret religion);

Holy Sites[]

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Washington
  • Charleston
  • Palm Beach

In-Game Features[]

Priests can marry and inherit titles. Women can hold temple holdings.

Rulers can use the Absolute Cognatic succession law and have no opinion penalty for female rulers or heirs.

As of 2666, Reform has 25.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Reformed faith is called a Rabbi.


  • Like many other religions in the game, Reform Judaism is an existing faith.
  • The addition of Judaism in After the End started as a Judaism Submod by 9kbits, while the dev team for the original mod was still active. Thus, it was one of the first new features added to the Fan Fork.