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The ruler of the Duchy of Montréal in 2666. He is of Quebecois culture and follows the Ursuline religion. In addition to the Duchy of Montreal he is also Count of Hochelaga and Saint-François.


Régis Turcot in 2666

Born on the 17th of May, 2610 in the Kingdom of Québec, Régis Turcot was a member of an old noble family in Montréal, the esteemed House of Turcot. In 2629, the death of Véronique Castel, Queen of Québec, sealed the fate of the Kingdom. The dissolution of Québec's monarchy created a power vacuum in the region that enabled the rise of many local lords. Not much is known of this time period as few records of the chaotic era survived. In 2642, a thousand years after the foundation of Montréal, then 32-year-old Régis Turcot—through scheming—claimed the city and crowned himself the first Duke of Montréal (official title of Premier Duc de Montréal, Seigneur d’Hochelaga et de Saint-François). To win allies in the region, he put in charge of the counties of Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Montérégie his Ministre de la Défense, Cécil, of the prominent house Matieu-Gallant-Giguère, using Cécil's support to bend the arm of the young count Maurice of Lanaudière into swearing fealty to him. A more talented schemer than administrator, he gave control of Mirabel and the surrounding lands to the lord Meshulim fun Tash in 2651, to appease the influential Jewish lords of Montréal. 

Situation in 2666[]

The political map in 2666

Even as the duchy is one of the few significant powers of the region, Régis has never pushed his influence outside of his possessions in Montréal. Apart from some small tensions between the duke and the Convent of Estrie, claiming Saint-François as part of their de jure domain, the reign of Régis has been primarily focused inwards, in particular on exerting control of the many squabbling nobles families of Montréal.

The duke, now a 56-year-old man, has his best days behind him. With no heir or spouse and an elderly patriarch, the Turcot family seems doomed to disappear to history with the death of Régis, leaving the ducal throne empty, ripe for the taking. That is, if the powerful Convent of Estrie doesn’t attack first. 

Dynasty origin[]

  • The legends say that the Turcot family are descendants of Philippe Turcot, a great merchant who lived centuries before the fall, to whom their ancestors erected an impressive monument. Some of the remains of such a gigantic monument can still be seen in the form of impressive concrete pillars. The ancient ones called this great work the Échangeur Turcot. No one knows of the true intended use of the Échangeur, but the scale of such work must have made this 'Philippe Turcot' a very important character, and claiming his descent brings prestige to the Turcot dynasty.