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Quebecois is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Gallomerican Culture group.


Spread around the Saint-Lawrence river basin, the land of Quebec forms by far the largest stronghold of French Culture in North America. Having their own strong Catholic tradition, the Vatican rupture drove the Quebecois to come back to their roots and follow the Ursuline faith, a matriarchal monastic religion based in Quebec City. While once ruled by a strong kingdom that stretched to Detroit in 2226, their realms are now fragmented and relatively weak.

Quebecois Characters in 2666[]

  • Abbes-General Anne Houde;
  • Mother Superior Jeannine of Estrie;
    • Count Régis Castel of Chaudière;
  • Duke Arthur d'Arvide of Saguenay;
    • Countess Céline Fortier of Charlevoix;
    • Abbess Marie d'Arvide of Saint-Jean;
    • Count Pierre d'Ushabatshuan of Saint-Maurice;
  • Duchess Louise Cornud of Outaouais;
    • Count Xavier de Saint-Rose of Bas-Labelle;
  • Duke Régis Turcot of Montréal;
    • Count Cécil Mathieu-Gallant-Giguere of Montérégie;
    • Count Maurice Valeur of Lanaudière;
  • Charter-President Ambrose of Hell's Angels;
  • Sir Bors of Anachronists;
  • Sister-Militant Sibylle of the St. Ursula's Chosen;
  • Count Paul Castel of St. John Valley;
  • Count Adrien Blanchet of Chic-Chocs;
  • Count Montcalm Dugas of Matawinie;
  • Count Rémi Marathe of Mauricie;
  • Count Henri Castel of Caribou;
  • Count Jean Gault of Rivière-du-Loup;
  • Count Jérome Blanchet of Rimouski;
  • Countess Sarah Blanchet of Gaspé;

Quebecois Titles[]


  • Québecois Empire
  • Nouvelle-France

Traditional Titles[]

  • Québec

Culture Sprawl[]