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Portlander was a Culture in After the End. It was part of the North Pacific Culture group. It was removed either as part of the 3.33 (NAZU) version of the mod or prior. Former Portlander characters have become 'Cascadian' (a culture named after the Queendom of Cascadia) and 'Inlander'.


Though several hundred years have passed, the native Portlanders are still as weird as ever. Split between a First Nations Kingdom, the Trailblazer realm, and multiple coastal communities, the epicenter of the Gaian religion has kept up their independence across the Columbia river, even though north of the river is majority Xhúuyee K'iigaang.

Portlander Characters in 2666[]

  • Queen Veronica Lovejoy of Lincoln;
  • Duchess Kaitlin Freeland of Portlandia;
  • High Chieftess Carrie Kaskey of Iitl'gaay;
  • Captain Kumail of Tri-River Outlaws;
  • Count Emerson Freeland of Caltsop;
  • Countess Anna Freeland of Lane;
  • Count Ashby Talney of Xa K'ayaa;

Portlander Titles[]


  • Greater Portlandia

Traditional Titles[]

  • Lincoln
  • Trailblazers
  • Portlandia
  • Horse Heaven
  • Blue Mountains

Culture Sprawl[]