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Patria Grande is a religion in After the End. Followers of the Patria Grande faith worship Gran Colombia, and its founders: Simón Bolivar, Francisco Santander and Manuela Sáenz; often mixing them with catholic saints. Aditionally, they worship the abrahamic god, known to them as El Divino Niño, or "The Divine Child" in english.


"The term Patria Grande, or Great Fatherland, is to its followers both a political ideal and a divine mandate. The adherents of the faith worship the heroes of the past who liberated and ruled the original Patria Grande, bringing what they consider a golden age. As a result the faithful aspire to see the legendary homeland unified once more. Their pantheon is made up of "Próceres", deities originating from the syncretism between the founders of Gran Colombia and several Catholic saints." ― In-game description of Patria Grande

1200px-Flag of the Gran Colombia.svg.png


High God: El Divino Niño

God Names: Bolivar, Santander and Manuelita

Evil God Names: Satan and Pepe Botella

Scripture: La Colombeia ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤHistorical flag of Gran Colombia


Patria Grande seems to have been spread mostly by Zacarias Alvarado the first, the Falso Libertador. He conquered the kingdom of Cundiboyacá first, likely from his home in Bogotá, from its pagan ruler Ollantay Yupanqui. He then formed the kingdoms of Antioquia, El Caribe, and Puente Grande. He Probably subjugated Zulia and placed the Epiayú dynasty on the throne before attacking Venezuela, and being burnt at the stake. His family's lands slowly dwindled over the next century until now in 2666 where his family only owns Bogotá itself, and the marquisate of Chiriqui.

Holy Orders[]

  • Batallón Colombia, the battalion was a unit of the Colombian Army that served during The Korean War in of aid South Korea. They seemed to have been revived as the one and only Holy Order of The Patria Grande faith.

Patria Grande Characters in 2666[]

  • Caudillo Zacarías Alvarado IV
  • Rey Miguel Bosé of Puente Grande;
    • Princess Bendición Alvarado of Puente Grande
    • Marquésa Emilse Goyo of Chocó
      • Señor Emiliano Sealey of Buenaventura
    • High Chief Gergorio Soldado of Darién
    • Señor Rubén Blades of Bocas del Toro
  • Queen Oneida Epiayú of Zulia
    • Duke Leonardo Velásquez of Los Andes
    • Duke Gilberto Lozada of Aguas
      • Countess Maria Lozada of Coquivacoa
    • Countess Teodora Escalante of Ezequiel Zamora
  • High Chief Efraín Issacs II of Cauca
  • Marqués Juvenal Urbino of Cesar
    • Señor Florentino Ariza of Majagual
    • Señora Leona Cassiani of Plato
  • High Chief Aurelio Cheveroni of Viejo Caldas
  • Marqués Pablo Vicario of Santander
    • Señor Zaque Soratá of Vélez
    • Señor Cristian Román of Bucaramanga
    • Señor Laureano Perlaza of Barrancabermeja
  • Marqués Pedro Vicario of Gran Cafetal
    • Señor Ollatay Yupanqui of Neiva
    • Señor Ayron Moreno of Sumapaz
    • Señor Bayardo Nasar of Cimitarra
  • Lord Proprietor José Arcadio Buendía II of Macondo
    • Gran Alcalde Aníbal Barca of Cartagena
    • Wali Álex Abdala of Santa Marta
    • Harbormaster Pedro Heredia of Montería
    • Gran Alcalde Álvaro Arroyo of Sincelejo
  • Marqués Atanasio Girardot of Antioquia
    • Señor Atlético Giradot of Bajo Cauca
    • Señor Nacional Girardot of Yondó
  • Señora María Issacs of Medallo
  • Colonel Johann of Batallón Colombia
  • Mercenaries needed

Holy Sites[]

  • Bogotá
  • Cucuta
  • Cartagena
  • Caracas
  • Panama

All holy sites with the exception of Caracas are held by Patria Grande rulers, with Bogotá being held by the Caudillo himself.

In-Game Features[]

Patria Grande rulers have the decision of Holding

  • The Caudillo can grant divorces.
  • The Caudillo can call for a Liberation War.
  • The Caudillo can grant claims on barony, county, and duchy tier titles.
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • Can designate any valid offspring as the heir.
  • La Patria Grande is held by a secular ruler, and can be destroyed or created normally.
  • Patria Grande rulers can choose from one of three patron Próceres, which impact their options of succession.
  • Decision: Consecrate Yourself to a Prócer - Once per lifetime a follower of the Patria Grande may choose a protector saint, or Procere. Perhaps it is time to choose one yourself.... the options are Santader the Lawmaker, Bolivar the Warrior of Liberty, and Manuelita the Dame of Love.
  • Decision: Hold the Novena de Aguinaldos - The Novena is a several day-long festival of prayer and celebration to commemorate the symbolical birth of the Divine Nino.
  • Decision: Mediate on the Marques of Garcia - The old ritual of "Mamar Gallo" allows you to enter a trance while reading the old works of the mad prophet the Marques of Garcia.
  • Decision: Restore Gran Columbia
  • Trait: Follower of Bolivar - Simón Bolivar, also called Saint Peter, is the prócer of war and freedom. His followers are known to imitate his war-like nature. Monthly Prestige +.5, Martial +1, Opposite Trait Opinion -5. Lords who are followers of him have Gavelkind succession enforced. Followers also have access to holy wars on other religions and subjugation on other Patria Grande rulers.
  • Trait: Follower of Manuelita - Manuela Sáenz, also called the Magdalene, is the prócer of love and fertility. Her followers are passionate, gregarious and devoted to their families. Diplomacy +1, Fertility +20%, Attraction Opinion +5, Opposite Trait Opinion -5. Lords who are followers of her have Elective Succession enforced. Followers also have access to holy wars.
  • Trait: Follower of Santader - Francisco Santader, also called Saint Francis, is the prócer of law and order. His followers are known to be great administrators. Monthly Piety +.5, Learning +1, Demense Size +3, Opposite Trait Opinion -5. Lord who are followers of him have Primogeniture Succession enforced. Followers do not have access to holy wars.


  • Land currently belonging to Patria Grande followers in the mod use to belong to the Gracia Divina religion in early versions of AtE.
  • Patria Grande resembles very closely to a Colombian Americanist Religion.
  • The Developers of the mod were considering on classifying it as an old world cultist religion, but ultimately decided to make it part of the cult of saints group since Sagrado Corazón was the only existing one.