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Ontarian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Laurentian Culture group.


The Anglo-Canadians of the past no longer exist, but their main offspring is that of the namesake of their most populous province. While most of its history since the end has been tribal feuds the recently formed Kingdom of Ontario is now one of the most centralized and competent realms in the whole of the North-East. It is a new kingdom and many of its diplomats worry about their pagan neighbors. Though the culture stretches close to the northern reach of Lake Superior, Ontario’s Anglican faith has only limited reach from the East to the West of Lake Erie, with a small pocket of Anglicans in northern Hudsonia.

Ontarian Characters in 2666[]

  • King By Laurier of Ontario;
    • Marquis Winston Beasley of Huronia;
      • Earl Lester Montrose of Oshawa;
      • Earl Wilson Goderich of Huron;
    • Marchioness Alexandra Montrose of Quinte;
    • Marquis Naismith de Michelenburg of Midland;
      • Earl Daniel Lanark of Rideau;
      • Earl Harold Williams of Hastings;
      • Earl Horton de Bonnechere of Renfrew;
      • Earl York Branch of Bancroft;
      • Earl Lucas Dysart of Haliburton;
    • Canon Mcdonald of The United Counties;
  • Oligarch Lorne Satterthwaite of Niagara;
  • Oligarch Avril Movenpick of Talbot;
  • Archbishop Thomas Beckett;
  • Grandmaster Jarvis of the Knights of Saint Patrick;
  • Commissioner Nelligan of the Mounted Man of Ottawa;
  • Captain Rupert of the Shiner Company;
  • Earl Michael Hobbs of Lakehead;
  • Earl Scott Pilgrim of Greenstone;
  • Canoness Breaca of Muskoka;
  • Countess Rose Duff of Essex;

Ontarian Titles[]


  • Ontarian Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Midland
  • Home

Culture Sprawl[]

Thunder Bay exclave