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Nousthreskeia is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Nousthreskeia is part of the Pacific religious group.


"The central tenet of Nousthreskeia is the concept of the "Noosphere", an invisible field that surrounds the Earth and is affected by the collective minds and thoughts of humanity. Followers of Nousthreskeia believe that the Noosphere is capable of altering both the colective human consciousness and physical reality itself, and that the Event was the result of artificial interference with the Noosphere. THis interference damaged the Noosphere, knocking the physical world and the consciousness of humanity back to a more primitive state. Nosthrestkeists believe that humanity will not recover from the Event until this damage to the Noosphere has been healed and that a "Wish Granter" exists somewhere in the world that can accomplish this goal almost instantaneously if used properly." ― In-game description of Nousthreskeia


Nousthroskeia is a cult that formed after the event, based on an interpratation of the ideas of pre-Event Ukrainian thinkers like Vladimir Vernadskij, that introduced the idea of Noosphere, and Edward Artemiev, that reinterpreted it in a more philosophical light.

THE FOLLOWING IS CONSIDERED SEMI-CANON CONTENT IN THE AFTER THE END LORE, SINCE THE INVASION HAPPENS AFTER 2666 IN A NON-CONFIRMED DATE This is one of the faiths imported from outside America by an invasion. Specifically, the faith arrives in the Russian invasion, that happens on the west coast in a moment unspecified but between 2740 and 3053. The success of the faith in America is thus directly related to the invasion's successes.

Nousthreskeia characters in 2666[]

There are no Nousthreskeia characters in America as of 2666.

Holy Sites[]

  • Trenton
  • Sonoma
  • Seattle
  • Boulder
  • Yellowstone

In-game features[]

Nousthreskeia priests can inherit titles and marry. There is no religious head.

As of 2666, Nousthreskeia has 20.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Nousthreskeia faith is called a priest.


  • Nousthreskeia is one of the three religions imported by an invasion, the others being the Shinto and Glorian.