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Norteño was a culture in After the End. Formerly a part of the Mexicano culture group, it has been separated into the Bravo and Altiplanense cultures. Norteño is now the name of a larger culture group.


The Norteño, as their name implies, are the residents of the northern provinces of what was once Mexico. While some adopted the Cult of Saints that many Mexicans did after the Event, some have recently adopted Atomicism, due to it's prevalence in the American desert. The Norteño have also had to deal with recent incursions of Tejanos from across the Río Bravo into Chihuahua.

Norteño Characters in 2666[]

  • King Carbajal dos Santos of Rio Bravo
    • Duke Gaspar de la Maestranza of Nuevo León
    • Duke Cándido Gortespil of Tamaulipas
  • Duke Felipe Canales of San Luis Potosí, often called "the Simple"
  • Duke César de la Zapalinamé of Coahuila
  • Duke Ignacio dos Santos of Casas Altas

Norteño Titles[]


  • Norteño Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Rio Bravo

Culture Sprawl[]