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Neomexicano is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Chicano Culture group.


While many of the inhabitants of former state of New Mexico were Americans, those east of the Rio Bravo (or Rio Grande, for those non-mexicano out there) recalled there Spanish roots, falling more in line with Tejano and Norteño practices than with Arixan or Texan ones. Still, they are a minority, and surrounded by those who see their ways as a threat to their own way of life.

Neomexicano Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Durán Cresciteundo of Nuevo México
  • Duke Eulogio El Cibolero of Transpecos
    • Count Javier El Cibolero of Livermore
  • Chief Alfonso de la Concha of Alamosa

Neomexicano Titles[]


  • Neomexicano Empire

Culture Sprawl[]