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Neomayanism is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Neomayan is part of the Mesoamerican religious group.


"Neomayanism is mixture of both Mayan beliefs and obscure Old World spirituality. According to their own history, the original Mayan civilization did not collapse, but rather moved on to a new reality as a result of their collective worship of all things and the grace of Hunab Ku, the One True God. Neomayans also believe that they currently live in the Age of Aquarius, and that the beginning of this age was the Event, briefly followed by a period where the Earth was consumed in the Darkness. This period allowed many unnatural creatures such as chupacabra and ghosts to make their way into the natural world. Though Neomayanism shares very few similarities with other Mesoamerican religions, it is considered one because of its shared belief of the underworld, known as Xibalba, and the Mayan origins of Hunab Ku." ― In-Game description of Neomayan


When the Event devastated the Old World, many who believed in and practiced the mystic arts flocked to the old Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, believing they would find some understanding of the apocalypse within. While no greater understanding was reached, their descendants mingled with the native people, absorbing their culture and religion, and adding their own understandings of the universe to it. This formed the basis of the Neomayan religion, and it has become very popular around where the original immigrants settled. While most of the population still follows traditional Mayan beliefs, Neomayanism has gained a foothold with the local nobility.

Neomayan Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • King Israel II Soberón Salazar of Yucatán
    • Count Enrique Alberto of Campeche
    • Count Santiago Cuellar Louisville of Dzilam
    • Count Jacawitz Sanabria of Cancún
    • Count Pascual Ramiro Seibal of Cárdenas
    • Count Luis Chocano Viniegra of Calakmul
    • Count Isidro Xunantunich of Celestún
  • Duke Blanco Hocchob of Lacandón

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Oxyotl Skirmishers, currently led by Captain Lamat

Holy Sites[]

  • San Salvador
  • Sian-Ka'an
  • Carmen
  • Chichén Itzá
  • Nojpetén

As of 2666, two of the holy sites (Carmen and Chichén Itzá) are completely under the control of the Neomayan faithful. Meanwhile, two of the other holy sites (Sian-Ka'an and Nojpetén) are under the control of Uamoche lords although they are located within the realm of the Neomayan king of Yucatan. Finally, the holy site of San Salvador is under the control of the priests of the Sagrado Corazón.

In-Game Features[]

Female Neomayans may own temple holdings, and there is no opinion penalty towards female rulers or heirs. There is (and can exist) no religious head.

As of 2666, Neomayanism has 50.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Neomayan faith is called a Priest (M) or Priestess (F).


  • According to dev notes, Neomayanism was formed by "an influx of neopagans, hippies, alien watchers and others", eventually mixing with traditional Mayan beliefs.
  • The High God of the Neomayans, Hunab Ku, was a deity invented by Spanish colonists to better integrate Mayan natives into Christian life.