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Neo-Godbeite is a Mormon heresy added to the game in the February 25th 2021 update and replaced Bickertonite in the mod.


"Neo-Godbeites are a relatively new movement in the Latter-Day Saints community. Originating after the Event, members of these groups drew influence from both Pacific philosophy and heterodox pre-Event Mormon groups to inform their religious practices. Neo-Godbeites believe that woman are capable of leading communities despite lacking access to the priesthood, and often emphasize the mystical and spiritual aspects of faith. They also reject the theodemocratic system, adhering instead to more secular forms of government."

In-Game Features[]

  • Priests (Temple holders) can inherit titles.
  • Priests can marry.
  • Religion allows woman to own Temple-Holdings [n2]
  • No opinion penalty against female rulers and heirs.
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • A religious head (the Prophet-President) can be created by a special decision.
  • May have ambition to remove vice.
  • Neo-Godbeite priest are educated in the mystic arts.


  1. The original Godbeites were members of the Godbeite Church, officially called the Church of Zion, organized in 1870 by William S. Godbe. This dissident offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was aimed toward embracing all belief systems. Known for embracing spiritualism and mysticism, the church died out by the 1880s. During it's decade of influence it was at the core of Utah's Liberal Party until that party's supporters became increasingly anti-polygamous and anti-Mormon which drove the Godbeites out of the party.
  2. Despite the official description which reads; "Neo-Godbeites believe that woman are capable of leading communities despite lacking access to the priesthood...." the in-game features do allow woman to be temple holders.