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Neo-Batenburger is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. It is a more aggressive and violent variant of the normally peaceful Anabaptist faith. Neo-Batenburger is part of the Christian religious group, and considered a heresy of the Anabaptist faith.


"Neo-Batenburgers are a particularly violent group of Christians that emerged following the invasion of Anabaptist lands by Americanists. Followers of Neo-Batenburgism believe that the invasion was a sign that the doctrine of pacifism was to be abandoned entirely, rather than being merely relaxed. Followers of other Christian faiths condemn these heretics for their maintenance of harems and their tendency to violently raid the homes of non-believers." ― In-Game description of Batenburger


  • High God: God
  • God Names: God, the Lord and Jesus
  • Evil God Names: Satan, Lucifer and the Devil
  • Scripture: The Bible


Originally just ordinary peaceful Anabaptists, the Neo-Batenburgers emerged after the assassination of Kaynich Abram II of Deitscherei by Americanists and the end of the Yoder dynasty. While normal Anabaptists relaxed their pacifist ways to avenge their slain monarch, the Batenburgers completely abandoned their pacifism for naked aggression. Neo-Batenburger heretics are hated by not just other Anabaptists but also all other religions for their odd habits of concubinage and raiding. The Neo-Batenburger faith is not present in any counties around 2666, but it has the potential to emerge if Anabaptist moral authority dips.

Holy Sites[]

  • Philadelphia
  • Frederick
  • Lechaa
  • Lengeschder
  • Yohogania

As of 2666, no Holy Sites are held by the Neo-Batenburger faith.

In-Game Features[]

  • Priests (Temple Holders) can inherit titles
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers
  • Rulers can raid infidel neighbors for loot
  • There is (And can exist) no religious head
  • Neo-Batenburgers are prone to violence, and will go to war frequently

As of 2666, Neo-Batenburger has 30.0 moral authority. A temple holder of the Neo-Batenburger faith is called a Bishop

Batenburger Characters in 2666[]

Vassals of a Noble of Different Faith[]

Count Lyle Warner of Texqakallt


  • The Neo-Batenburgers are based off of an early real-life violent sect of Anabaptism from the Netherlands that died a violent death along with its titular leader, Jan van Batenburg. The sect was also called Zwaardgeesten or “sword-minded” by other Anabaptists.