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Nahua is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mesoamerican Culture group.


The Nahua are the people that once made up the great Aztec Empire- at least, until the Conquistadors came. The arrival of smallpox, gunpowder, and Spanish Imperialism brought the once mighty empire low. Tenochtitlan was so marvelous, though, the Spaniards made it the center of their American Empire. The Nahua still exist today, though not nearly as powerful as they once were. They, like many of the Mesoamericans around them, have adopted the Mictlantec faith, and the great pyramids arise once more in the Nahua metropolises.

Nahua Characters in 2666[]

  • Huecalpixqui Tayauh Cozcaquauhtli of Tierra Caliente
    • Calpixqui Tlazohtlaloni Icpalli of Oriente
    • Calpixqui Ecatzin Itzcoatl of Coyuca de Catalán
  • Huecalpixqui Cacama Ocelotl of Zacatecas, often called "the Bold"
    • Calpixqui Axolohua Quiautl of Valparaíso
    • Calpixqui Cuauhtl Toltecatl of Mixtón
  • Captain Cuauhtl of Aztlán Guard
  • Captain Teputzitoloc of Eagle Warriors
  • Captain Miahuaxochitl of Skull Legion
  • Captain Mayeuatzin of Sun Knights
  • Patrician Zolin Bello
  • Patrician Tototl Cobos

Nahua Titles[]


  • Nahuan Empire

Culture Sprawl[]