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Muscogee is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Eastern Woodlands Culture group.


Before the Europeans landed in the New World, the Muscogee (often called the Creek) inhabited much of the "Deep South". European colonization and American expansion, however, drove them from their homeland, and the Trail of Tears led them to their new "home" in Oklahoma. Today, small populations still exist in both these places, though neither are in any sort of position to take their home back.

Muscogee Characters in 2666[]

  • Chief Onsi of Seminole Band
  • Count Micco Chebona of Conecuh
  • Count Osceola Tustenuggee of McAlester

Muscogee Titles[]


  • Muscogee Empire

Culture Sprawl[]

The Muscogee in Florida

Muscogee in Oklahoma

Muscogee in Alabama