Muisca was a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Andean Culture group. It has presently been replaced by the Rolo Culture


Muisca is an ancient culture that dates back before the Europeans ever set foot in the Americas. Under colonial rule the Muisca people survived, albeit greatly reduced in number and removed from power. After the Event, the Muisca were however left free to retake their ancient lands and even expand, and currently control the northern Andes inland. Notably, most Muisca adhere to the Gracia Divina faith and choose to follow the cult of El Dorado, the 'Golden King' of ancient legends.

Muisca Characters in 2666

  • High Chief Huascar Cerinza of Vallecafé;
    • Chief Zhue Aguazuque of Barrancabermeja;
    • Chieftess Poporo Besbanza of Huila;
  • High Chief Sadigua Cerinza of Cundinamarca;
    • Chief Chimini Turmequé of Sogamoso;
    • Chief Huitaca Guasa of Bucaramanga;

Muisca Titles


  • Muisca Empire

Traditional Titles

  • Kingdom of Andina

Culture Sprawl

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